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Vehicle and Engine Testing Solutions

Get today's most advanced vehicle and engine test equipment from Sierra-CP. For more than three decades, we have been on the cutting edge of automotive testing, designing and manufacturing the tools you need for both standard and custom applications.

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CADET V14 Software Makes Advanced Testing Possible

At the heart of all our tools is the CADET V14 test automation software. Choose from a complete line-up of vital software and hardware solutions that will complement, support and enhance your application installation. We can even integrate other manufacturers’ products into our own testing systems.

Complete Line of Automotive Test Equipment

From existing test equipment upgrades to complete, fully-customized facility refurbishments and turnkey solutions, you can depend on Sierra-CP to take a fresh approach to solving your engine testing requirements. We’ll learn about your specific needs and then work as a team to develop the right solution for you, every time.

Find out more about how we’ve helped our customers by reading our testing case studies.

Engine Testing

We have the tools you need for virtually any type of engine test, including durability, R&D and emissions, HDD transient, fuels and lubricant and more.

Vehicle Testing

We can provide chassis dynamometers to suit nearly any test cell specification. We design and manufacture custom dyno tools to suit everything from motorbikes and heavy duty equipment to tracked vehicles.

Emissions Measurement and Analysis

Our BG3 partial flow dilution technology is a global leader in particulate matter sampling. Working in tandem with the BG3, our SootTrak instrumentation measures real-time engine soot particle mass emissions and characterizes average soot agglomerate particle size, number and surface area. Our CADET V14 software seamlessly integrates any analytical instrument on the market today for a complete emissions measurement and analysis solution.

Powertrain and Transmission

We are able to deliver solutions for numerous powertrain and transmission testing requirements, from durability and key-life testing to NVH and performance development.

FEAD and Component Test Rigs

Our FEAD (Functional Engine Auxiliary Device) and component test rigs help ease the pressure on resource requirements and lengthy engineering development by offering proven solutions within cost-effective and sensible delivery lead times.

Packaged Test Rigs

Our educational test rig responds to the specific needs of education, research and government institutions that want to adapt to the ever-changing test requirements of the automotive industry without a major ongoing investment.

Flow Measurement

We are a leading manufacturer of intake air and fuel flow meters for engine and vehicle testing applications. In addition, our flow measurement and Control division specializes in gas, liquid and steam measurement spanning a wide range of global industry applications.

Contract Software Development

If you need a field-proven test automation software platform at a predictable project cost, we provide contract software development solutions. This is ideal if you do not have the resources to develop and support an in-house solution.

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