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Advanced Diesel Engine R&D Center

JCB Power Systems | Derby, UK

Project Overview:

Sierra CP designed and constructed ten new test cells to meet the requirements for the development of high specification test cell project for low emissions diesel engines up to 300kW with fast transient measurement capability and the latest cycle emissions measurement systems. To meet ongoing key engine development and testing milestones during the 24-month construction timeline, it would also be necessary to implement a rolling handover as test cells were completed and brought online. 

Sierra-CP’s close working relationship with JCB and their research into client needs played an essential role in keeping design and production time to a minimum.

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Combustion Air Handling In Shed
External Support Equipment In Shed
Test Bed Mid Construction
Test Control Hallway
Test Facility Blockwork
Completed Ventilation
Test Control Hallway With People 2
Test Control Hallway With People

Key Performance Features:

  • Test cells were all built to uniform specifications
  • Capacity for interchangeability to enabled diesel engine variants to be tested
  • Test cells were designed and built to have a high level of data acquisition and connectivity to third party smart instruments
  • Complete automated solution for configuring and running tests, performing pre and post test data entry
  • Automatically perform emissions calculations according to regulations and generate a report 
  • Partial flow dilution (PFD) for particulate emissions sampling, development and validation

Sierra CP Services:

Sierra held a single-source contract for facility design and construction management; equipment specification and manufacture, procurement and installation; integration of equipment and facility systems; commissioning, and long-term maintenance and support. 

Sierra Equipment Used:

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