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Flow Measurement & Control

Sierra-CP manufactures a line of high performance flow meters for engine and vehicle testing applications. In addition, through our Flow Measurement & Control Division, we manufacture a complete line of mass flow meters and controllers, thermal mass flow meters, vortex flow meters, and ultrasonic flow meters for nearly any gas, liquid and steam application found in industry.  


Intake Air Mass Flow Measurement

Intake Air Mass Flow Measurement
Sierra's AirTrak 628S is a high performance research-grade thermal mass flow meter for engine air intake mass flow measurement featuring extremely fast 200 millisecond response-time.

Exhaust Mass Flow Measurement     

Raw Exhaust Mass Flow Measurement

ExhaustTrak is a rugged, accurate and fast response-time mass flow meter for direct measurement of engine exhaust.  The instrument is specifically designed for transient cycle flow rate measurement.

Mass Flow Measurement

Fuel Flow Measurement 
Sierra-CP's line of FuelTrak fuel flow measurement instrumentation is ideal for both steady-state gravimetric and transient consumption measurement as well as vehicle fuelling applications.


Mass Flow Meters & Controllers Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

Sierra offers a wide variety of Gas Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for a broad variety of emissions testing applications.

Compressed Air & Flow Natural Gas Meters Compressed Air & Natural Gas Flow Meters

Accurate and repeatable, Sierra’s Thermal Mass Flow Meters are rugged and reliable mass flow measurement workhorses for any facility.

All Siera Flow Meters

ALL Sierra Flow Meters

Learn more about Sierra's complete line of flow meters for gas, liquid or steam measurement for applications in a wide variety of industries.