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Intake Air Mass Flow

Air Trak 628 Intake Air Mass Flow MeterOur AirTrak 628S Thermal Mass Flow Meter was originally designed to work specifically with our BG3 Particulate Partial Flow Sampling System as an extremely fast, accurate, and repeatable engine air intake mass flow meter. In addition, the instrument has proven to be an excellent solution in all engine testing applications. 

The meter has an extremely fast 200 millisecond response-time sensor making it ideal for the toughest transient test cycles where flow excursion can approach 10:1 within less than two seconds. Dual-Plate laminar flow profile conditioning elements inside the flow body maintain top performance in heavily constrained piping environments common in engine test cells, where long-straight pipe runs simply do not exist. In addition, the versatile microprocessor-based instrument integrates the functions of easy flow-range adjustment, meter validation and diagnostics in the field, sensor allignment guage for perfect installation, and a rugged probe-mounted NEMA 4X (IP65) housing.

For raw exhaust mass flow measurement, our ExhaustTrak line of rugged, accurate and fast response-time mass flow meters are ideal for direct measurement of engine exhaust. 

Note: To learn about ALL of our gas mass flow measurement and control instrumentation, visit our Flow Measurement & Control Division.

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  • High performance research-grade
  • Field validation of calibration
  • 200 millisecond response time to changes in flow rates
  • High accuracy 1.0% of full scale over a broad range
  • Outstanding 15:1 turndown for high accuracy at low idle conditions
  • Plug and play with Model BG-3
  • Fits pipe sizes from 1" to 24"
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • 2 x 12 backlit display
  • Field validation of calibration
  • No moving parts



Air Max. Flow in lb/hr

Air Max. Flow in kg/hr  

1.5" Tube 992 418
2" Tube 1717 779
4" Tube 7347 3332
6" Tube 16901 7666
8" Tube 30377 13779

Note: Air maximum flow rates for tube sizes over 8" will be provided upon request.