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Robot Drivers / Actuation Modules

Sierra-CP manufactures a variety of precision robot drivers for use in a wide range of Vehicle Test or Powertrain and Transmission Testing. Our vehicle robot solutions consist of a number of sub-assemblies that are light enough to be assembled by one person. They can can be connected together, taught shift positions and limits, and be ready for tests in minimal time without the need for seat removal.

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The Vehicle Robot can be supplied as a standalone system or integrated into the Sierra-CP vehicle test system. The robot offers up to 8 control channels for control of Brake, Accelerator, Clutch, Gear Shift X, Gear Shift Y and Key Actuation. The system is also available for all types of Motorcycles and has special features including actuation of twist controls.

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  • Integrated or stand-alone versions
  • Manual or automatic transmissions; tip-tronic gearboxes, motorcycles
  • Vehicle modification NOT required, easily adaptable to all vehicle sizes
  • Dual versions available - car and motorcycle
  • High actuation force options for Transmission/Gear Shift evaluation
  • Integrates with our Gear Shift Feel/Force software
  • Allows autonomous transient vehicle testing from a pre-programmed schedule
  • Integrated chassis dynamometer safety and shutdown systems allow for safe unattended testing
  • Designed for emissions/mileage accumulation applications
  • CADET V14 controlled
  • Quick and easy to ‘teach’ robot limits of travel such as clutch bite point
  • Fast acting actuation modules
  • Suitable for  both right /left Hand drive vehicles 


  • Emissions work
  • Endurance testing
  • Transmission testing
  • Mileage accumulation
  • Research and development

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