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2011 Oil and Gas Moscow Exhibition Review

Jul 07, 2011

The 11th Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition (MIOGE) was held on 21 – 24 June 2011.  It was a slow turnout on the first day of Oil & Gas Moscow, but it was well made up on the days to follow. Our demo equipment came through fine and customers were excited to see what we had to show. This exhibition was a bit cluttered, with all products spread all over the halls; I wore my shoes out looking for flow meters. It would be nice if they put it in sections. It is really a networking and relationship building kind of exhibition, all about people and not so much about equipment.

I came here to meet and train one of our new up and coming Sierra agents (www.inno-tech.ru) in Russia. The show had no real trends to be discovered, but it is clear Russia is not very far with digital communication yet. But, this does not stop the market from growing fast. Russia, as one of the BRIC countries, has huge potential, but unlocking this market will take time and a lot of good relations!

I look forward to seeing this excellent market keep growing.

Paul de Waal, Managing Dir., Sierra Europe
Written By:
Paul de Waal, Managing Dir., Sierra Europe
Sierra Instruments

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