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Why Sierra Engineers Love What They Do #BeAnEngineer

Oct 02, 2014

Our engineers love what they do here at Sierra. Innovation, problem-solving, quality, accuracy—they all go into the design of our flow meter instrumentation. From facilities management and process control & manufacturing, to life sciences & health and co-generation, Sierra’s engineers create flow meter solutions for a wide variety of industries, improving productivity and solving problems.

That’s why we had to participate in Exxon Mobil Corporation’s #BeAnEngineer campaign. The global oil and gas company is encouraging those in any field of engineering to tweet why they enjoy their profession of choice in an effort to encourage and support future engineers. Sierra’s engineers were excited to encourage the next generation of problem-solvers by sharing what they love about their jobs:

Manufacturing Engineer, Max, loves being an engineer because he likes to make things work. He says he also values self-sufficiency and independence, and being an engineer gives him “the ability make things work” the way he wants them to. The resulting innovation, he says, hopefully “influences the way things work the world over.” Other thoughts from Sierra engineers include:

  • “Not having to accept “I don’t know how to” as an answer.” – Morgan, Manufacturing Engineer

  • “Engineering is all about fulfilling your dream, there is never a dull moment, and you can create a new technology for the whole world to use.” – Freynold, Software Engineer

  • “In my 35 years as an engineer, I have most enjoyed solving problems. Every day, I get to learn something new!” – John, Chief Engineer

  • “Engineering is creativity. Engineering has always been an outlet for creative expression for me. Being able to display my name on the computer screen still amazes me, after nearly 35 years of programming! Where else can you think of a concept, and take that concept and manifest it on the computer—be it a game, financial applications, or anything in-between!” – Kam, Director of Engineering

For more thoughts from our engineers and the latest on flow meter instrumentation, check out Sierra’s Twitter feed and like Sierra on Facebook.


Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Written By:
Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Sierra Instruments

Responses to Why Sierra Engineers Love What They Do #BeAnEngineer
  1. The above was written on behalf of Colleen Corbett, “The Voice of Sierra!”

  2. Number 2 was our favorite post. Sierra Instruments Engineers are the BEST EVER engineers. They ENJOY challenges! Quality in their work shows in every aspect of the projects they work on. John, Kam, Morgan, Mike, Rory and Max blend together as a strong team and lead their field in the flow industry. John Olin, “Mr. Sierra Instruments” is the inspiration and the power train behind the team

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