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How Can Facilities Managers Better Handle Energy Costs?

Nov 07, 2014
Natural Gas Sub-Metering

You could be slashing your facility’s natural gas bills! Check out our sub-metering infographic to find out more about rising energy costs.

As the manager of a large facility, you may already be employing sub-metering of natural gas as a way to verify and potentially lower your natural gas bills. But have you considered the accuracy of your chosen natural gas sub-metering solution? Not all flow meter are created equal when it comes to accurately measuring your natural gas usage. How do your flow meters manage changing gas composition and pressure changes in the line?

In this week’s post, I’ll explore a better type of thermal mass flow meter, one that remains accurate despite shifting variables without having to return the meter to the factory for recalibration.

Natural Gas Sub-Metering Advantages

Measuring natural gas verifies your facility’s monthly bill and also can help monitor which buildings or processes account for more consumption. While traditional thermal flow meters can provide necessary accuracy, they also have to be recalibrated when variables change, leaving your facility with no method of checks and balances.

Sierra’s unique four-sensor technology successfully deals with changing natural gas compositions, all while maintaining precise measurement capabilities. How you ask? Instead of just two temperature sensors, there is an additional sensor in both the temperature probe and the velocity probe. This accounts for stem conduction and provides more accurate readings.

The bottom line? The more accurate your natural gas measurement, the more money you will save in natural gas costs. Precise measurement of natural gas requires high accuracy, low pressure drop and direct mass flow readings—all possible with our QuadraTherm  thermal mass flow meters.

For more information on the advantages of four-sensor design, download the Sub-Metering of Natural Gas white paper today.

Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Written By:
Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Sierra Instruments

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