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Sierra University: Taking Teamwork to the Next Level

May 12, 2015

Sierra is committed to the continuing education of its nearly 200 employees spread across the globe. That’s why we recently launched Sierra University, an internal training program that focuses on teaching relevant information about quality and effective business communication, along with specific job training. Continuing education is important to every workplace, but perhaps even more so in the field of engineering. Innovation and creativity are the direct result of building upon one’s knowledge base and applying what has been learned in real-world situations.

According to a National Society of Professional Engineers update, “as both technical knowledge and technology evolve at that quickening pace, the depth of knowledge needed to practice effectively in any given subdiscipline of engineering increases steadily.” In addition, according to the NSPE’s Engineering Body of Knowledge, education in a variety of areas is critical to success, including communication and teamwork.

We couldn’t agree more. Innovation in engineering precision measurement solutions is at the heart of what we do here at Sierra.

Empowering Team Sierra with ‘Why’

Sierra University

President Matt Olin (back row, center) stands with team members from various disciplines at the first meeting of Sierra University.

“An underlying goal of Sierra University is to delve into each team member’s “why” factor—why they do the job they do, why that job is important to the team as a whole, and why each job helps promote Sierra’s innovative precision measurement solutions. ” says Sierra CEO Matt Olin. “ We’re excited about this next chapter at Sierra and can’t wait to show you how this new level of empowerment will translate into a stronger Sierra for you.”

By exploring the concept of “Why” and by bringing different people from different parts of the organization together that wouldn’t normally interact, our goal is that Sierra University will strengthen an already strong spirit of team unity.

From engineering to marketing to administration, each department is critical to Sierra’s success and must communicate effectively to bring the best solutions to our customers.

Maryadine Washington, Mar-Com Manager
Written By:
Maryadine Washington, Mar-Com Manager
Sierra Instruments

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