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Talking Biogas Production In Europe

Feb 03, 2014

Europe is quickly becoming a hotspot for the biogas industry, and Sierra and our local French distributor Alto Instruments took advantage of that fact by exhibiting at BiogazEurope in France. Attendees learned about the entire biomass process, from the bio side of things (mass) to the energy side (electricity).

Some trending applications featured at the show included:

  • Biomass digesting

  • Optimizing/upgrading biomass

  • Precise flow measurementSierra-Alto Booth at BiogazEurope 2014

Overall,  trend was the need for high-accuracy flow meter measurement throughout the whole biogas process to optimize production and bring efficiency while creating electricity (energy) from fossil fuels.

To really monetize biogas and create the most efficient fuel sources, you must accurately measure how much biogas is produced in each stage of the process. Although biogas flow measurement is a challenging—mainly due to changing gas composition, low pressure, and dirty, wet gas—it’s not impossible. Which is why we featured our QuadraTherm 640i at the BiogazEurope show.

The 640i meets the criteria for successful biogas measurement by managing changes in:

  • Gas composition

  • Gas mass flow rate

  • Gas temperature

  • Gas pressure

  • Outside temperature

  • Pipe conditions (size and roughness)

  • Flow profile

These common fluctuating conditions inherent in biogas production can all be managed with accurate readings (the 640i maintains accuracy at +/- 0.75% of reading above 50% of full scale), without sending the flow meter back to the factory for recalibration. Who doesn’t want to reduce downtime and save money?

For more information on precise biogas flow measurement, download our white paper.

Scott Rouse, Product Line Director
Written By:
Scott Rouse, Product Line Director
Sierra Instruments

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