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The BG is a workhorse in emissions research and certification applications throughout the world. Because the BG only tests a small sample of total exhaust emissions, it has transient and steady-state capability, allowing the BG to test any engine or vehicle regardless of size or fuel used.

Companies and Institutions that make BG their choice to solve emissions problems.

• Non-road and on-road light and heavy-duty engine & vehicle manufacturers.

• Small engine, automotive and motorcycle manufacturers.

• Locomotive and marine engine & vehicle manufacturers.

• Aftertreatment, oil & additive suppliers.

• Universities and Government.

Every year, Caterpillar sells over five million engines worldwide. Caterpillar designs and builds engines for many markets, on-road, off-road among others. To produce and supply the mix to its world wide customers, Caterpillar has the responsibility to assure the world that their products meet the ever increasing environmental standards. Caterpillar depends on the Sierra BG for its engine emissions R&D and certification testing to increase efficiency and reduce the time to market for new products. Better productivity is better business.
Lubrizol supplies additives to the fuel manufacturers throughout the world. To accomplish this task adequately and be a responsible supplier, Lubrizol must quantify standard test result of fuels around their many additives. The BGeliminates the chance that additives do not push the fuel product out of the standards window on known test engines.
Donaldson supplies aftertreatment products to all of the major engine manufacturers. It is their responsibility to provide their customers with test results that clearly show the affects of the Donaldson products on the engine. Donaldson used the BG on a day to day basis to achieve this goal.
GM, Electro Motive Division, EMD
EMD who produces engines for the railway market must also assure their customers and the regulators that their engines meet the emissions standard of the world. The BG systems at EMD are currently assisting on a daily basis to assure GM that their product can and will always meet the emissions standard.
University & Government
University of Minnesota, University of West Virginia, the US EPA, CARB, Mine Safety & Health Administration to name a few, all depend on the BG system for research and regulatory testing.

 Typical Uses For The BG-3:

• ETC (European Transient Cycle)
• ESC (European Stationary Cycle)
• ISO 8178
• ISO-8877
• ISO-16183