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Custom Developed Test Rigs

Flexible and Scalable FEAD Solutions

It is often said that for every single engine test stand, up to five sub-component test rigs are required. To meet our customers' specific requirements, our test rig solutions are generally custom developed. The flexibility of our CADET V14 Test Automation Software allows us to use our standard control and automation system on a scalable basis to ensure that our solutions are future-proof and can adapt as requirements develop over time.

Our FEAD (Functional Engine Auxiliary Device) test rigs (example pictured right) simulate the additional load that “bolt-on" accessories like power assist pumps and air conditioning units will have on the base engine.

This additional load alters such variables as fuel economy and overall engine power performance. Sierra has designed flexible portable units that can be connected to any engine to simulate the switching in/out of such devices.

Traditional “in-house“ component test rigs are becoming increasingly more difficult to construct due to time and resource constraints. We take the base client specification and supply cost-effective solutions to meet nearly any application. For more basic test rigs, our CADET V14 component software can be used to control more than one system, thus further reducing costs.

Benefits / Features

  • Flexible programming for precise FEAD simulation
  • Portable units that can be connected to any engine
  • Connects to main test system like CADET V14 for integrated test schedules
  • Allows customer to focus on test and development of components, not design and manufacture of test rigs 
  • Ideal for durability and key life testing


  • FEAD Test Rigs
  • Fuel Injection Test Rigs
  • Fuel Rail Optimization Rigs
  • Cam Wear Test Rigs
  • Water Pump Test Rigs
  • Alternator Test Rigs
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