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Single Cylinder and Educational Rigs

Packaged Solutions. Flexible Approach.

Sierra has installed a range of packaged engine test solutions over the years to meet a wide variety of customer testing requirements.

This approach is particularly well suited to small engines ranging from industrial power units to motorcycle engines, but also provides significant benefits for advanced research single cylinder engine applications and educational / research institutions.

Single Cylinder Test Systems

Whether upgrading an existing single cylinder test stand or planning a new installation, we are able to provide a flexible approach. From upgrading control and data acquisition to developing a total system solution on a turnkey basis, we are able to provide the exact solution for your application and budget.

Our solutions offer AC Dynamometers and a full range of supporting systems such as fuel conditioning & measurement, engine conditioning and turbo simulation, which typically are integrated and controlled via our CADET V14 Test Automation Software.

Benefits / Features

  • Proven technology
  • Cost-effective
  • Modular approach
  • Future proof software and I/O

Educational Test Stands

Sierra has designed and developed a complete transient test bed with AC dynamometer, AC drive and engine supplied as a single integrated package. Our goal was to generate a design that would have all the functionality of a larger transient dynamometer system for users, typically educational institutions who do not need the power output of a larger system. We achieved this by selecting a small, yet dynamic, petrol engine, thereby allowing for a smaller AC dynamometer and drive solution.

By using a smaller engine as a basis for the test bed, all associated services such as electrical, mechanical, thermal and acoustics are also reduced, both in physical size and financially. The result is a fully integrated engine dynamometer package that combines ignition control and injection parameters with combustion pressure analysis. Read Case Study...

The supplied components and systems selected for the test bed provide a very flexible facility. A variety of experiments can be written for the supplied equipment, making it an ideal tool for engine mapping and optimization or combustion analysis research. The system can be upgraded to include automated mapping at the time of order or later as an option. The CADET V14 C (Compact) engine test automation system at the heart of our Educational Test Stand ensures that all test systems generate the dynamic test requirements for Federal and European emissions tests, among many others.

Benefits / Features

  • Single source supply
  • Research project or undergraduate teaching
  • Small capacity keeps power requirements to a minimum
  • Air filter connects to conditioned air supply and inlet temp      
  • PID control of boost pressure


  • Emissions Development
  • Transient Test Cycles
  • Drive Cycles
  • Vehicle Simulation
  • Educational Thesis
  • Engine Mapping
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