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Custom Dynamometer Solutions For Better Vehicle NVH Reduction

4 by 4 hub mountChassis Dynamometer Wheel

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As a global provider of custom NVH test systems flexible enough to meet a range of test specifications and budgets, Sierra uses superior NVH engineering to provide chassis dynamometers to match most customer test cell installations. We design and manufacture custom dynamometers that can measure NVH level for vehicles ranging from motorbikes and heavy duty equipment to tracked vehicles.

Driven by our CADET V14 CDS (Chassis Dynamometer System) and in-depth NVH analysis, our chassis dynamometers cover all certification, research and development requirements for cars, trucks, motorcycles, three-wheelers, off-road vehicles and treaded vehicles. We also offer cost-effective upgrades to existing NVH testing stands (from other manufacturers), with new control and automation systems, thereby rejuvenating existing installations and prolonging useful operational life.

In addition, our range of Chassis Dynamometers for improved NVH performance has been extended to provide a cost-effective solution for testing motorcycles and scooters on a single roll set. We also offer a twin roller version for NVH noise vibration reduction on three-wheelers, quad-bikes and sub-compact city vehicles. For specific high-performance motorcycles, alternative dynamometer options are available upon request.


  • High accuracy, fast response, repeatability, low maintenance
  • Meet local standard requirements
  • Single or twin roller
  • Inline & center mount PM, AC and DC systems
  • 4x2, 4x4 and independent roll systems
  • Custom designs available 
  • Powerful modular control and automation system 
  • Extensive range of support equipment and systems


  • R&D
  • Certification
  • Emissions
  • Mileage Accumulation
  • Climatic
  • NVH
  • EMC
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