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Chassis Dynamometer Auto Test Facility for OEM Customer Study

4x4 Climatic Chassis Dyno Commissioned in 2007

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Volkswagen Skoda- Czech Republish Project Overview

Sierra CP designed and constructed a new advanced research and development climatic automotive testing facility for a major OEM dealer. The climatic system, to be installed on the third floor of the facility, had to be designed to fit within the existing automobile testing chamber footprint and within logistical and weight allowances. Sierra CP believed major reconstruction was not necessary as they had completed similar auto emissions testing facilities for Ford, Denso and Land Rover.

Key Auto Test Performance Features:

  • High-speed 48 inch, 4x4 chassis dynamometer
  • Wheelbase adjustment for entire car, diesel, and motorcycle model range
  • Capable of speeds up to 250 km/h
  • Can operate inside a precision-controlled chamber
  • Capable of temperature ranges from - 40°C to 55°C
  • Designed by a robot driver or operator using a driver’s aid system

Auto Test Products Used in Volkswagen Project:

Custom Test Facilities-Design/Build/ Upgrade

For Volkswagen Skoda, Sierra held a single-source contract for facility design and construction management; equipment specification and manufacture, machine procurement and installation; integration of automobile testing equipment and facility systems; commissioning, and long-term maintenance and support. This is just one example of Sierra’s complete design, build, and upgrade solutions for any automotive test facility. Learn more from our case studies.

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