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Fuel and Lubricant R&D

BP Technology Centre | Pangborne, UK

Project Overview:

Sierra CP was engaged as the principle contractor to design and implement a significant refurbishment of BP-Castrol Global Headquarters for fuel & lubricant R&D. The refurbishment required the construction of an exo-structure encompassing the existing test facility to accommodate the additional test facility plant and services required for the major upgrade. 

Essential to the projects scope was the need to keep the facility fully operational. This meant scheduled facility construction downtime must coordinate seamlessly with BP's current backlog of testing commitments to various major OEM customers around the world.

Engine Test Lubricant Bp
Engine Test Lubricant Panel Up Close 2
Engine Test Lubricant Panel Up Close
Engine Test Lubricant R And D 2
Engine Test Lubricant R And D

Key Performance Features:

  • Facility designed to be highly versatile to meet current & future testing requirements
  • Each test cell has common high level specification to enable seamless transfer of projects cell to cell
  • Test cells designed and built to have a high level of data acquisition and connectivity to Sierra and third party smart instruments 
  • All cells equipped with FuelTrak Transient fuel conditioning & measurement 
  • All cells equipped with CAHU’s for precision conditioning and repeatability of the engine combustion intake
  • Capability enables both steady-state & transient testing


  • Drive-cycle simulation
  • Fuels & lubricant development
  • Emissions

Sierra CP Services:

Sierra held a single-source contract for facility design and construction management to deliver new infrastructure, full facility refurbishment, procurement and installation of new equipment, integration of existing equipment and facility systems, commissioning, and long-term maintenance and support.

Sierra Equipment Used:

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