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In-Wheel Direct-Drive Testing

Protean Electric | Surrey UK

Project Overview:

Sierra CP designed and constructed a powertrain test system that could accept full vehicle installation by connecting to the test vehicle wheel hubs. 

As Protean’s Mark Potter explains:

Sierra CP's experience gave us the confidence we needed to trust them with this critical project. We didn’t have the time to fully develop a detailed scope of supply document, so we needed to select a supplier that we could partner with who had the experience to interpret the brief technical scope of requirements and the expertise to deliver a system that could meet our current and future testing needs."

“Sierra CP has produced a test system that provides the ideal platform to enable Protean to develop and showcase its technologies for many years to come.”

4 By 4 Hub Mount
4 By 4 Hub Mount 2
4 By 4 Hub Mount 1

Key Performance Features:

  • Four fully independent AC dynamometers  incorporated with individual control of each wheel hub
  • Test 2WD and 4WD vehicles with adjustable track and wheel base
  • Capable of steady-state operation for durability and key life evaluation
  • Transient dynamometers capability of simulating road load cycles
  • Ideal for roduct development and benchmark evaluation against  conventional vehicle systems
  • Eliminates potential test influences that testing on tires introduces

Sierra CP Services:

Sierra held a single-source contract for facility design and construction management; equipment specification and manufacture, procurement and installation; integration of equipment and facility systems; commissioning, and long-term maintenance and support. 

Sierra Equipment Used:

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