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NVH Independent Roller Chassis Dyno

Volkswagen Skoda - Czech Republic

Project Overview:

Sierra CP was successfully awarded the contract to design and install NVH chassis dynamometers into Skoda’s prestigious new R&D test facility. The specific challenge was to design a unique solution to meet the clients exacting specifications and also to fit into the pre-designed and built test chambers.

4 By 4 Nvh Cell
Nvh Cd 2
Nvh Cd

Key Performance Features:

  • 4x4 & 4x2 independent wheel control
  • Utilizes space saving PPM technology   
  • Multiple and detachable road surfaces
  • 50dBA @100km/h CADET control, automation and datalogging system
  • Custom design to integrate with existing test chambers


  • NVH vehicle testing for both 2-wheel & 4-wheel drive capability
  • Wheelbase adjustment for a wide range of vehicles
  • Real world road surface simulation


Sierra CP Services:

Sierra CP was awarded the contract for the special design NVH chassis dynamometer, development of the technical equipment specification through to  manufacture, procurement and installation; commissioning ,including the long-term maintenance and support of the installed system .

Sierra Equipment Used:

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