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Sierra has developed advanced software and hardware solutions to cover the full range of engine and vehicle test applications. Open design allows us to integrate seamlessly with existing instrumentation and other manufacturers' equipment, or build turnkey systems designed to meet specific customer requirements.  Read case studies

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Fuel Pressure Regulation Unit

Precise Controlled Fuel Delivery Pressure

  • Regulates supply pressure to engine
  • Range of units to provide stable pressure control 0.5 to 8bar
  • Delivery pressure and temperature logged
  • Suitable for gasoline & diesel fuel supplies
Technologically Sound and Cost Effective

AC Dynamometers

  • High performance-to-cost ratio
  • Robust, fatigue-rated design
  • Calibration arms and weight pans are included
  • Custom design to meet specific customer requirements
  • Worldwide parts and service availability
Eddy Current Dynamometers

High torque, high speed, high power applications

  • Single rotor, twin rotor and triple rotor
  • High torque or high speed/high power
  • Robust, fatigue-rated design
  • Powerful modular control and automation system
  • Worldwide parts and service availability
Vehicle Robot Drivers

Integrated or Stand-Alone Robotics

  • Adaptable to all vehicle sizes
  • Vehicle modification NOT required
  • Safe unattended testing
  • Fast acting actuation modules
  • Quick and easy to ‘teach’ robot limits of travel 
VTB - Versatile Test Bed

Flexible Engine Handling Solutions

  • Get rapid engine changeover when time is crucial 
  • Flexible designs for most engine sizes
  • Trolley docking ideal for production testing
  • Shaftguard for protection of shaft failure
CAHU - Temp, Pressure, Humidity, & Altitude

Combustion Air Handling Systems

  • Precision control of temp, pressure, humidity, altitude
  • Simulate ambient inlet combustion air conditions from anywhere in the world
  • Simulation of medium and high elevation environments
  • Additional low temperature conditioning module
  • Ideal for latest emissions regulations, development / certification
  • Fast condition response for transient and ram air simulation
Air Control Valves

Exhaust Back Pressure Control

  • Exhaust and inlet air pressure simulation
  • Fast-acting, compact design
  • Operates in any plane
  • Easily adaptable to a variety of exhaust systems
  • Different diameters available
I/O Connection Transducer Boxes

Flexible Transducer Connection

  • Ultimate connection flexibility
  • Pre-connect to an engine outside of test bed
  • Rapid connection when inside cell
  • Reduce downtime
  • Clear labeling assures proper connection
Throttle Control

Model AT12 Actuator

  • Adapt to many throttle systems
  • Fast acting mechanical actuator
  • Pull cable or lever/rod versions
  • Operates in any plane
  • Compact design
Test Facility Ventilation Systems

Engine & Vehicle Test Beds

  • Variable speed inverter driven fans allow a variety of control strategies
  • Air recirculation provides a “greener” more energy efficient solution
  • Retrofit new modern design into existing facilities
  • Variety of air heating and cooling options
  • Integrated fire dampers for test cell safety shutdown
Turbo Boost & Simulation

Dynamic Simulation of Turbo Charger Conditions

  • Dynamic control
  • Deliver high boost values in excess of engine turbo chargers
  • High performance-to-cost ratio
  • Portable unit can be moved from cell to cell
  • Flow rate can be adapted upon request
Vehicle Fueling System

FuelTrak VFS

  • Allows tests to be run unattended 24/7
  • Precise and repeatable
  • All stainless steel, suitable for all fuels
  • Non-intrusive
  • Integrates to standard vehicle filler cap
  • Use on vehicle or rig systems
FuelTrak Transient Mass Flow Meter

Continuous Fuel Consumption Measurement

  • Both steady-state gravimetric and Coriolis continuous flow metering
  • Run as a stand-alone meter or as part of control system 
  • All stainless-steel, suitable for all fuel technologies
  • Provides precision at high- and low-end flow rates
  • Measure max fuel density
  • Degas separation on return fuel
Gear Shift Testing

Force / Feel Quality

  • Improve vehicle driving experience
  • Automate out human-operator "intuition"
  • True repeatability of shift action
  • Monitor real-time force required
  • Rapid feedback and analytics
CADET Compact

Entry Level System, Upgrade Later

  • Entry level package, economical solution
  • Upgrade to full premium CADET software in future
  • Scalable data acquisition
  • Accurate dynamometer, engine and coolant control
  • Compact design, minimal installation required
CADET V14 Premium

Control, Automation and Datalogging for Automotive Testing

  • High-performance professional automotive software system
  • High-speed data collection, high resolution
  • Very flexible; we customize for every customer
  • Dedicated I/O control and monitoring systems
  • All software upgrades backward compatible
Steady-State Fuel Flow Metering Unit

FuelTrak Gravimetric

  • Astonishing repeatability
  • Run as a stand-alone device or as part of control system
  • All stainless steel, suitable for all fuel technologies
  • Self-calibrating unit with integrated mass calibration capability
  • Holding tank de-gasses spill-back fuel
Fuel Temperature Control

FCU 100/300

  • Standardize fuel temperature regardless of ambient conditions
  • Combat high fuel return line temperatures
  • Interfaces with CADET and 3rd party systems
  • Conditions fuel feed and return
Assure clean dilution air during sampling

Air Handling and Scrubbing

  • Eliminate dirt, water and oil from your air
  • High quality air means high quality data results
  • Custom systems available
CP128: Datalogging System

Fast Multi-Channel Data Acquisition with Guarantee of Quality

  • Designed for engine & vehicle testing
  • Multi-channel integrated protection system
  • Data is time aligned when a log is requested
  • Data is free from channel aliasing
  • Backward compatibility guarantee
Filter Weighing Chambers

Assure High Quality Filter Media Processing

  • Reduce/eliminate errors in filter weight data
  • Dual chamber "Glove Box" style design
  • Filter bar coding and scanning option
  • Designed per regulatory requirements
  • Compact ready-to-run package
Particulate Filter Holders

47mm, 70mm, and 90mm

  • We stock all filters and filter holder sizes
  • Design meets requirements of Federal Register
  • All filter holders are made of 316L stainless steel
  • Plug-and-play with BG3 partial flow sampler
  • Used in manual mode with other devices
BG3 Elite

Partial Flow Dilution (PFD) System

  • Transient and steady-state sampling
  • Use in place of CVS for emissions and analytical sampling
  • Light-duty and heavy-duty engines
  • Sample any size or type of engine and any fuel
  • US EPA-approved for R&D and certification work
  • BG3 with ExhaustTrak replaces full flow CVS for Light Duty- Learn more
  • Made in the USA

Dyno and Engine Throttle Control

  • Actuate eddy current, hydraulic, AC or DC dynos
  • Appropriate power modules supplied
  • 11 channels of user-specific datalogging capability
  • Automatic or manual control
  • Bumpless transfer between modes at any point during testing
Engine Fluid Temperature Control

Engine Coolant, Oil and Turbo/Intercooler

  • Cooling of up to four control circuits
  • Only two connections required for feed and return water
  • Compact unit reduces clutter in the cell
  • Proportioning valves aid accurate flow control
Chassis Dynamometer Testing Solutions

New Installations, Upgrades, Custom Solutions

  • High accuracy and fast response
  • Excellent repeatability and low maintenance
  • Powerful modular control and automation system
  • Inline & center mount systems
  • Twin and independent roll systems up to 4 axles
Motorcycle & Three-Wheeler Robots

Non-Intrusive, No Vehicle Modification

  • Up to six different actuation channels available
  • Flexible channel assignment
  • Non-intrusive design
  • Modular construction allows easy installation
Independent AK-Fuel Controller

Stand-Alone Fuel Metering and Conditioning Control

  • Straight forward AK command structure
  • Multiple devices can be run from a single controller
  • Easily add capability by adding more I/O control cards
  • Remote support if a fault develops
  • Integrated high performance industrial computer
Fuel Dosing Rig

Precision Fuel Additive Control

  • Fuel dosing to required mixture levels
  • Dosing levels can be varied test to test
  • Gravimetric fuel consumption measurement
  • Portable trolley based unit
  • All wetted parts are stainless steel
ExhaustTrakTM Venturi Flow Meter

Raw Exhaust Mass Flow Metering

  • Go direct to the sample zone 
  • Patented pressure averaging rings for zero contamination
  • Eliminating need for chemical mass balance methods
  • Meets or exceeds US EPA 40 CFR Part 1065
  • BG3 with ExhaustTrak replaces full flow CVS for Light Duty- Learn more
AirTrak 628S Flow Meter

Intake Air Mass Flow Metering

  • 200 millisecond response time to changes in flow rates
  • High accuracy 1.0% of full scale over a broad range
  • Outstanding 100:1 turndown
  • Minimal flow blockage and low pressure drop
  • High accuracy at low idle conditions
  • Field adjustment of critical flow meter settings
  • Digital electronics, field calibration validation
Hydraulic Dynamometers

Applications up to 20MW

  • Toothed wheel speed pickup
  • Swing frame construction with load cell
  • Calibration arms and weight pans
  • Inlet filters
  • Inlet/outlet control valve with power module
Automatic Filter Changer (AFC)

Making gravimetric PM emissions sampling easier, faster and safer!

  • 14 and up to 24 filter puck canister capacity
  • 10 second filter indexing time
  • 2D filter barcode reader reads filter number during final indexing 
  • Plug-and-play with any BG3 partial flow system
  • Meets US EPA 40CFR Part 1065 Regulations

Solid Particle Number System

  • UN-ECE R49 and R83 compliant
  • Ideal for autos, diesels, pre/post aftertreatment, jet engines, and more
  • Measures particulate concentration down to 23nm (10nm pending)
  • Units calibrated independently by SwRI in their ISO-17025 lab
  • Catalytic Stripper Technology (CST) Improves quantification of sub-23nm particles
  • Takes a sample from a full-flow CVS unit or partial flow dilution system

DACS Module

Revolutionize Your Test Cell Data Acquisition and Control with Next Generation I/O System

  • Configure core system with I/O modules
  • Operates over high-speed field-bus network
  • Swap out internal plug-in modules to reconfigure
  • Optimize test sequencing with CADET Automation System

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