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Since Sierra’s first PC-based automation system was installed in 1982, we’ve been perfecting our powerful CADET Automation Technology, and it’s still at the heart of our automotive engine testing solutions today. As an organization, our successful track record of continually developing automotive testing tools like the CADET software, and the CP128 control cabinet and data logging package, means that we continually update the system architecture and implementation to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Covering a wide range of industrial applications, CADET automotive testing technology serves engine, powertrain, transmission, emissions, analytical, vehicle and component testing.

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Today, CADET is now at V14 (Version 14) and features our most advanced innovations, many of which evolved directly from meeting our customers’ specialized needs for automotive component testing. Guided by our philosophy that we listen closely to our customers and do not try to force “one size fits all” solutions on them, we can rapidly adapt the CADET technology for your unique automotive software testing applications. CADET is a truly open and intuitive software platform that provides a range of advanced features and benefits, while assuring the flexibility to meet the demands of both current and future testing challenges.

So whether you need automotive alternator test equipment, a system for an automotive battery load test or automotive EMC testing solutions, Sierra CP has the automotive software for you.

CADET V14 (Engine)

Replaces V12 as our next-generation flagship test automation software solution featuring:

  • Increase channel capacity
  • Updated customizable user interface
  • Input channel linearization
  • Transient data logging
  • OBD II interface
  • Enhanced PID tuning and channel calibration
  • Improved security levels
  • The addition of power curves and X-Y plotting capability

In addition, CADET V14 automotive engine testing software has significant enhancements to the calibration files, test scheduling and CAN interface, while taking advantage of multi-core processors and hyper-threaded technology. A key feature of the CADET design for existing users of previous CADET versions provides a seamless migration path to the latest CADET software version.

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CADET V14 CDS (Chassis Dynamometer System)

For customers that require a package optimized to perform all of their chassis dynamometer testing requirements, the CADET V14 CDS provides a state-of-the-art chassis dynamometer control system capable of operating with a wide range of chassis dynamometer configurations and additional features not normally associated with chassis systems such as data acquisition smart instrument interfaces.


The CADET Edge is part of the CADET V14 range of control systems, designed specifically for dynamometer control and engine throttle actuation. The CADET Edge system can actuate eddy current, hydraulic, AC or DC dynamometers and will be supplied with the appropriate power modules

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CADET V14 C (Compact)

An easily expandable solution to a full CADET V14, the compact is designed to meet the needs of small or start-up companies, educational institutions, or those who require accurate dyno and engine control, but require limited monitoring channels. CADET V14 Compact uses the same control and data logging system and base structure as the flagship CADET V14 automotive software testing solution, but with a reduced software functionality and associated cost.

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CADET V14 PTS (Production Test System)

A production automotive engine testing software package allowing specific tests with minimal operator interaction to be easily run on predetermined variations of engines using a bar code or serial number. Designed to increase the flexibility, productivity and efficiency of engine quality audit operations.

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CP128 Control Cabinet & Data logging Package

CP128 data logging and control I/O systems have been specifically designed and developed to meet the exacting demands of automotive sensor testing. All data is time aligned to the core clock of the system ensuring precise capture of all data with built-in features that eliminate aliasing. The 128 range also has guaranteed future proofing to ensure all our users enjoy long-term, cost-effective support.

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Test Laboratory Management System (TLS)

Our Test Lab System integrates seamlessly with the CADET V14 Test Automation software to provide a complete solution for configuring, and running tests, including auto compiling and generating test report data to assist the efficiency of the automotive testing and development process.

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Transient Test Scheduler

Our Transient Test Scheduler software is a productivity tool for writing transient tests and then automatically producing the schedule for the CADET V14 control system to read.

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