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CADET V14 CDS (Chassis Dyno System)

CADET V14 CDS (Chassis Dyno System)

CADET V14 CDS (Chassis Dyno System)

For Vehicle Testing customers that require a package optimized to perform all of their chassis dynamometer testing requirements, the CADET V14 CDS (Chassis Dynamometer System) provides a state-of-the-art control system capable of operating with a wide range of chassis dynamometer configurations covering all certification, research and development requirements for cars, trucks, motorcycles three-wheelers, off-road vehicles, and treaded vehicles. Read Case Studies... 

Configurations include:

  • 4x2 Single dynamometer - two wheel drive systems
  • 4x4 Single dynamometer - four wheel drive systems with belt driven connection
  • 4x4 Two dynamometers - four wheel drive systems
  • 4x4 Independent four dynamometers - four wheel drive systems

Because the solution is based on our flagship CADET V14 test automation software solution, CDS provides greater features and functionality than those typically available in standard chassis dynamometer controllers. From robot drivers, integrated data acquisition, and smart interfaces to full facilities control, driver’s aid, CVS, gaseous and particulate emissions, CADET V14 CDS is a one-stop solution for all chassis dynamometer requirements. 


  • Cost effective solution for upgrading existing chassis test systems
  • Single system to control all in-cell services
  • Supports cubic and squared quadratic vehicle coastdown models
  • Plant calibration allows the user to calibrate the mass of the rolls and the frictional losses of the system
  • Ideal for Upgrading existing Chassis Dynamometer installations regardless of original manufacturer.


  • CP128 Control and Datalogging package housing system I/O hardware
  • CADET V14 CDS Software installed into the system computer
  • Operator interface providing display(s) of all data and manual control
  • In-Cell Equipment providing all system interfaces with the vehicle

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