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Test Cell / Engine Environmental Control Systems

Driven by increasingly stringent legislation around the world, particularly in the area of emissions validation and development, there is a need to minimize test variability by reducing, controlling or eliminating all external influences that effect the accuracy and repeatability of test results. Today, test cell ventilation and engine combustion air conditioning are recognized as key external influences that can have a significant impact on the test specimen and the results obtained.

Sierra-CP is unique in our ability to offer a suite of innovative modular solutions in this highly specialized field. This enables existing test cells to be upgraded, or new conditioning systems to be integrated into existing or new turnkey installations. Specific solutions include cell ventilation, combustion air handling, intake air mass flow measurement, exhaust back pressure control, and engine fluid temperature (fuel, oil, coolant, intercooler).

Combustion Air Handling Unit (CAHU)

High-performance engine combustion air handling featuring high tolerance control of temperature, humidity and pressure for steady-state and transient conditions. Common applications are standardizing intake air for repetitive experiments, performing power pass off testsandemissions certification work as well as conditioning adverse ambient’s to within the acceptable range of correction factors.

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Test Cell Ventilation

Customized test cell ventilation system with available air heating and cooling as well as re-circulation and make up air.

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Exhaust Back Pressure Control & Simulation

Our exhaust back pressure control simulation package accurately simulates the effective back pressure of the test bed exhaust system.

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Turbo Simulation

A turbo simulation package using forced induction sand capable of dynamic control of flow, pressure and steady state control of combustion air temperature to simulate turbo charger conditions.

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Intake Air Mass Flow Measurement

Sierra's AirTrak Model 628S is a high performance research-grade engine air intake mass flow meter.

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