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Chassis Dynamometers

Dyno Testing Solutions to Meet Requirements for Automotive Applications

As a complete chassis dyno dealer, Sierra has a comprehensive range of standard and electric motor dynamometers to meet the complete spectrum of automotive testing requirements for engine, transmission and powertrain applications. Appropriate for diesel, car and motorcycle use, you’ll find a chassis dyno for sale that caters to the high-speed requirements of petrol engines and the high torque demands of diesel development.

We also offer large and small engine dynamometer testing machines specifically designed for e-motor and hybrid testing.  Our chassis dyno lineup includes 4x2, 4x4 and independent roll versions for emissions, mileage accumulation, climatic, NVH and EMC applications. Sierra has a complete suite of control and automation solutions for operations of new, custom or upgraded dyno installations for any engine testing scenario.

Note: Dynanometers or “Dynos” are also frequently referred to as Dynometers or Dynomometers. All of these references refer to the same product.

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Technologically Sound and Cost Effective

AC Dynamometers

  • High performance-to-cost ratio
  • Robust, fatigue-rated design
  • Calibration arms and weight pans are included
  • Custom design to meet specific customer requirements
  • Worldwide parts and service availability
Eddy Current Dynamometers

High torque, high speed, high power applications

  • Single rotor, twin rotor and triple rotor
  • High torque or high speed/high power
  • Robust, fatigue-rated design
  • Powerful modular control and automation system
  • Worldwide parts and service availability
Hydraulic Dynamometers

Applications up to 20MW

  • Toothed wheel speed pickup
  • Swing frame construction with load cell
  • Calibration arms and weight pans
  • Inlet filters
  • Inlet/outlet control valve with power module
Chassis Dynamometer Testing Solutions

New Installations, Upgrades, Custom Solutions

  • High accuracy and fast response
  • Excellent repeatability and low maintenance
  • Powerful modular control and automation system
  • Inline & center mount systems
  • Twin and independent roll systems up to 4 axles

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