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Emissions & Analytical Solutions

Sierra manufacturers the BG3 Elite Partial Flow Dilution system for use in diesel particulate sampling.  BG3 Elite is a direct replacement to cumbersome full flow CVS systems in both heavy and light duty emissions applications.  The BG3 Elite can feed properly conditioned diluted sample flow to a Bag Mini-Diluter for gaseous analysis or even to a Particle Number measurement device.  Learn more...    

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Solid Particle Number System

  • UN-ECE R49 and R83 compliant
  • Ideal for autos, diesels, pre/post aftertreatment, jet engines, and more
  • Measures particulate concentration down to 23nm (10nm pending)
  • Units calibrated independently by SwRI in their ISO-17025 lab
  • Catalytic Stripper Technology (CST) Improves quantification of sub-23nm particles
  • Takes a sample from a full-flow CVS unit or partial flow dilution system

BG3 Elite

Partial Flow Dilution (PFD) System

  • Transient and steady-state sampling
  • Use in place of CVS for emissions and analytical sampling
  • Light-duty and heavy-duty engines
  • Sample any size or type of engine and any fuel
  • US EPA-approved for R&D and certification work
  • BG3 with ExhaustTrak replaces full flow CVS for Light Duty- Learn more
  • Made in the USA
ExhaustTrakTM Venturi Flow Meter

Raw Exhaust Mass Flow Metering

  • Go direct to the sample zone 
  • Patented pressure averaging rings for zero contamination
  • Eliminating need for chemical mass balance methods
  • Meets or exceeds US EPA 40 CFR Part 1065
  • BG3 with ExhaustTrak replaces full flow CVS for Light Duty- Learn more
AirTrak 628S Flow Meter

Intake Air Mass Flow Metering

  • 200 millisecond response time to changes in flow rates
  • High accuracy 1.0% of full scale over a broad range
  • Outstanding 100:1 turndown
  • Minimal flow blockage and low pressure drop
  • High accuracy at low idle conditions
  • Field adjustment of critical flow meter settings
  • Digital electronics, field calibration validation
Automatic Filter Changer (AFC)

Making gravimetric PM emissions sampling easier, faster and safer!

  • 14 and up to 24 filter puck canister capacity
  • 10 second filter indexing time
  • 2D filter barcode reader reads filter number during final indexing 
  • Plug-and-play with any BG3 partial flow system
  • Meets US EPA 40CFR Part 1065 Regulations
Particulate Filter Holders

47mm, 70mm, and 90mm

  • We stock all filters and filter holder sizes
  • Design meets requirements of Federal Register
  • All filter holders are made of 316L stainless steel
  • Plug-and-play with BG3 partial flow sampler
  • Used in manual mode with other devices
Filter Weighing Chambers

Assure High Quality Filter Media Processing

  • Reduce/eliminate errors in filter weight data
  • Dual chamber "Glove Box" style design
  • Filter bar coding and scanning option
  • Designed per regulatory requirements
  • Compact ready-to-run package
Assure clean dilution air during sampling

Air Handling and Scrubbing

  • Eliminate dirt, water and oil from your air
  • High quality air means high quality data results
  • Custom systems available

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