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CAHU - Temp, Pressure, Humidity, & Altitude

Combustion Air Handling Systems

  • Precision control of temp, pressure, humidity, altitude
  • Simulate ambient inlet combustion air conditions from anywhere in the world
  • Simulation of medium and high elevation environments
  • Additional low temperature conditioning module
  • Ideal for latest emissions regulations, development / certification
  • Fast condition response for transient and ram air simulation
Test Facility Ventilation Systems

Engine & Vehicle Test Beds

  • Variable speed inverter driven fans allow a variety of control strategies
  • Air recirculation provides a “greener” more energy efficient solution
  • Retrofit new modern design into existing facilities
  • Variety of air heating and cooling options
  • Integrated fire dampers for test cell safety shutdown
Turbo Boost & Simulation

Dynamic Simulation of Turbo Charger Conditions

  • Dynamic control
  • Deliver high boost values in excess of engine turbo chargers
  • High performance-to-cost ratio
  • Portable unit can be moved from cell to cell
  • Flow rate can be adapted upon request
Air Control Valves

Exhaust Back Pressure Control

  • Exhaust and inlet air pressure simulation
  • Fast-acting, compact design
  • Operates in any plane
  • Easily adaptable to a variety of exhaust systems
  • Different diameters available
Engine Fluid Temperature Control

Engine Coolant, Oil and Turbo/Intercooler

  • Cooling of up to four control circuits
  • Only two connections required for feed and return water
  • Compact unit reduces clutter in the cell
  • Proportioning valves aid accurate flow control

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