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Get the Ultimate in Test Repeatability

Engine & In-Cell Condition Monitoring

Today, test cell ventilation and engine combustion air conditioning are recognized as key external influences that can have a significant impact on the motor test specimen and the results obtained. Sierra manufactures innovative modular solutions in this highly specialized field of engine condition monitoring.

Driven by the trend of increasingly stringent legislation around the world, particularly in the area of emissions validation and development, engine health monitoring systems improve test repeatability by minimizing variability and reducing, controlling or eliminating all external influences.  

Specific engine performance monitoring solutions include cell ventilation, combustion air handling, intake air mass flow measurement, exhaust back pressure control, and engine fluid temperature (fuel, oil, coolant, and intercooler). 

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Test Facility Ventilation Systems

Engine & Vehicle Test Beds

  • Variable speed inverter driven fans allow a variety of control strategies
  • Air recirculation provides a “greener” more energy efficient solution
  • Retrofit new modern design into existing facilities
  • Variety of air heating and cooling options
  • Integrated fire dampers for test cell safety shutdown
CAHU - Temp, Pressure, Humidity, & Altitude

Combustion Air Handling Systems

  • Precision control of temp, pressure, humidity, altitude
  • Simulate ambient inlet combustion air conditions from anywhere in the world
  • Simulation of medium and high elevation environments
  • Additional low temperature conditioning module
  • Ideal for latest emissions regulations, development / certification
  • Fast condition response for transient and ram air simulation
Air Control Valves

Exhaust Back Pressure Control

  • Exhaust and inlet air pressure simulation
  • Fast-acting, compact design
  • Operates in any plane
  • Easily adaptable to a variety of exhaust systems
  • Different diameters available
Turbo Boost & Simulation

Dynamic Simulation of Turbo Charger Conditions

  • Dynamic control
  • Deliver high boost values in excess of engine turbo chargers
  • High performance-to-cost ratio
  • Portable unit can be moved from cell to cell
  • Flow rate can be adapted upon request

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