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Flow Measurement

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Vehicle Fueling System

FuelTrak VFS

  • Allows tests to be run unattended 24/7
  • Precise and repeatable
  • All stainless steel, suitable for all fuels
  • Non-intrusive
  • Integrates to standard vehicle filler cap
  • Use on vehicle or rig systems
Steady-State Fuel Flow Metering Unit

FuelTrak Gravimetric

  • Astonishing repeatability
  • Run as a stand-alone device or as part of control system
  • All stainless steel, suitable for all fuel technologies
  • Self-calibrating unit with integrated mass calibration capability
  • Holding tank de-gasses spill-back fuel
FuelTrak Transient Mass Flow Meter

Continuous Fuel Consumption Measurement

  • Both steady-state gravimetric and Coriolis continuous flow metering
  • Run as a stand-alone meter or as part of control system 
  • All stainless-steel, suitable for all fuel technologies
  • Provides precision at high- and low-end flow rates
  • Measure max fuel density
  • Degas separation on return fuel
Fuel Dosing Rig

Precision Fuel Additive Control

  • Fuel dosing to required mixture levels
  • Dosing levels can be varied test to test
  • Gravimetric fuel consumption measurement
  • Portable trolley based unit
  • All wetted parts are stainless steel
Engine Fluid Temperature Control

Engine Coolant, Oil and Turbo/Intercooler

  • Cooling of up to four control circuits
  • Only two connections required for feed and return water
  • Compact unit reduces clutter in the cell
  • Proportioning valves aid accurate flow control
Independent AK-Fuel Controller

Stand-Alone Fuel Metering and Conditioning Control

  • Straight forward AK command structure
  • Multiple devices can be run from a single controller
  • Easily add capability by adding more I/O control cards
  • Remote support if a fault develops
  • Integrated high performance industrial computer

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