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Precision Metering of Fuel Consumption and Fluid Conditioning

Measure Fuel Flow for Autotest

With over 40 years of experience developing flow meters to measure fuel usage and other liquids, Sierra brings tremendous expertise and passion to fuel metering for the autotest industry. Sierra has a complete range of digital and electronic flow measurement and conditioning solutions for fuel and other liquids and gasses associated with engine and vehicle testing.

The FuelTrak gravimetric and combined gravimetric and transient fuel measuring systems are the product of choice for fuel flow measurement. With a field proven installed base built up for over a decade, FuelTrak is a compact high precision instrument for measuring specific fuel consumption of diesel and petrol / gasoline engines, fuel additives and resultant effects, and emission certification work. Sierra offers a range of fuel temperature conditioning and settable fuel pressure delivery modules for steady-state and transient testing.

Sierra also offers solutions for fuel and engine temperature control. The Sierra temperature control assembly is designed to provide temperature control of engine coolant, engine oil and turbo/intercooler (or other cooling circuits) in engine test applications, from a single bed water feed and return. The Fuel Pressure Regulation Unit offers precise control of fuel delivery pressure which includes:

  • Regulates supply pressure to engine
  • Range of units to provide stable pressure control 0.5 to 8bar
  • Delivery pressure and temperature logged
  • Suitable for gasoline & diesel fuel supplies

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Engine Fluid Temperature Control

Engine Coolant, Oil and Turbo/Intercooler

  • Cooling of up to four control circuits
  • Only two connections required for feed and return water
  • Compact unit reduces clutter in the cell
  • Proportioning valves aid accurate flow control
Steady-State Fuel Flow Metering Unit

FuelTrak Gravimetric

  • Astonishing repeatability
  • Run as a stand-alone device or as part of control system
  • All stainless steel, suitable for all fuel technologies
  • Self-calibrating unit with integrated mass calibration capability
  • Holding tank de-gasses spill-back fuel
FuelTrak Transient Mass Flow Meter

Continuous Fuel Consumption Measurement

  • Both steady-state gravimetric and Coriolis continuous flow metering
  • Run as a stand-alone meter or as part of control system 
  • All stainless-steel, suitable for all fuel technologies
  • Provides precision at high- and low-end flow rates
  • Measure max fuel density
  • Degas separation on return fuel
Fuel Temperature Control

FCU 100/300

  • Standardize fuel temperature regardless of ambient conditions
  • Combat high fuel return line temperatures
  • Interfaces with CADET and 3rd party systems
  • Conditions fuel feed and return
Fuel Pressure Regulation Unit

Precise Controlled Fuel Delivery Pressure

  • Regulates supply pressure to engine
  • Range of units to provide stable pressure control 0.5 to 8bar
  • Delivery pressure and temperature logged
  • Suitable for gasoline & diesel fuel supplies
Fuel Dosing Rig

Precision Fuel Additive Control

  • Fuel dosing to required mixture levels
  • Dosing levels can be varied test to test
  • Gravimetric fuel consumption measurement
  • Portable trolley based unit
  • All wetted parts are stainless steel
Vehicle Fueling System

FuelTrak VFS

  • Allows tests to be run unattended 24/7
  • Precise and repeatable
  • All stainless steel, suitable for all fuels
  • Non-intrusive
  • Integrates to standard vehicle filler cap
  • Use on vehicle or rig systems
Independent AK-Fuel Controller

Stand-Alone Fuel Metering and Conditioning Control

  • Straight forward AK command structure
  • Multiple devices can be run from a single controller
  • Easily add capability by adding more I/O control cards
  • Remote support if a fault develops
  • Integrated high performance industrial computer

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