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Robot Drivers and Actuators

Automate test operations, improve repeatability

Our robot drivers and actuators cover a wide range of chassis dynamometer and powertrain testing applications including vehicle robot drivers, robot assisted gear shift analysis, throttle control actuators and motorcycle/2-3 wheeler robot actuators. Watch video

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Vehicle Robot Drivers

Integrated or Stand-Alone Robotics

  • Adaptable to all vehicle sizes
  • Vehicle modification NOT required
  • Safe unattended testing
  • Fast acting actuation modules
  • Quick and easy to ‘teach’ robot limits of travel 
Throttle Control

Model AT12 Actuator

  • Adapt to many throttle systems
  • Fast acting mechanical actuator
  • Pull cable or lever/rod versions
  • Operates in any plane
  • Compact design
Gear Shift Testing

Force / Feel Quality

  • Improve vehicle driving experience
  • Automate out human-operator "intuition"
  • True repeatability of shift action
  • Monitor real-time force required
  • Rapid feedback and analytics
Motorcycle & Three-Wheeler Robots

Non-Intrusive, No Vehicle Modification

  • Up to six different actuation channels available
  • Flexible channel assignment
  • Non-intrusive design
  • Modular construction allows easy installation

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