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CADET Software Platform

Automotive Test Automation

CADET automotive software is a truly open and intuitive test control, automation, and datalogging platform that provides a range of advanced features and benefits, while ensuring the flexibility to meet the demands of both current and future industry testing challenges.
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Our engineering team has a strong focus on continually developing CADET automotive performance software, now at version 14 (V14), into a world-class engine and vehicle test software solution. Meeting your needs has allowed for the development of CADET into the reliable automotive troubleshooting and performance tuning software it is today.

Covering a wide range of industrial applications, CADET automotive software aids in engine, powertrain, transmission, emissions, analytical, vehicle and component testing.

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DACS Module

Revolutionize Your Test Cell Data Acquisition and Control with Next Generation I/O System

  • Configure core system with I/O modules
  • Operates over high-speed field-bus network
  • Swap out internal plug-in modules to reconfigure
  • Optimize test sequencing with CADET Automation System
CADET V14 Premium

Control, Automation and Datalogging for Automotive Testing

  • High-performance professional automotive software system
  • High-speed data collection, high resolution
  • Very flexible; we customize for every customer
  • Dedicated I/O control and monitoring systems
  • All software upgrades backward compatible

Dyno and Engine Throttle Control

  • Actuate eddy current, hydraulic, AC or DC dynos
  • Appropriate power modules supplied
  • 11 channels of user-specific datalogging capability
  • Automatic or manual control
  • Bumpless transfer between modes at any point during testing
CADET Compact

Entry Level System, Upgrade Later

  • Entry level package, economical solution
  • Upgrade to full premium CADET software in future
  • Scalable data acquisition
  • Accurate dynamometer, engine and coolant control
  • Compact design, minimal installation required
CP128: Datalogging System

Fast Multi-Channel Data Acquisition with Guarantee of Quality

  • Designed for engine & vehicle testing
  • Multi-channel integrated protection system
  • Data is time aligned when a log is requested
  • Data is free from channel aliasing
  • Backward compatibility guarantee

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