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Test Bed Services & Equipment

Our philosophy of flexibility and simplicity of design helps provide the foundation for our range of modular, ancillary in-cell products to meet the diverse range of testing demanded by modern test systems. 

Our in-cell support solutions are designed as part of our turn-key engine and vehicle test cell automation and are also available as stand-alone solutions suitable for use with test systems supplied by other manufacturers.

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VTB - Versatile Test Bed

Flexible Engine Handling Solutions

  • Get rapid engine changeover when time is crucial 
  • Flexible designs for most engine sizes
  • Trolley docking ideal for production testing
  • Shaftguard for protection of shaft failure
I/O Connection Transducer Boxes

Flexible Transducer Connection

  • Ultimate connection flexibility
  • Pre-connect to an engine outside of test bed
  • Rapid connection when inside cell
  • Reduce downtime
  • Clear labeling assures proper connection

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