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It Has Apps! Our New Vortex Flow Meter Empowers You

Sierra’s next generation InnovaMass “iSeries” features a new hyper-fast microprocessor, robust software apps, and an automated state-of-the-art manufacturing and flow calibration facility to assure the highest level of quality and delivery.

It Has Apps! The InnovaMass iSeries features flow management apps driven by our new Raptor II OS that will empower your process and save you time and money.

  • ValidCal Diagnostics™ for field calibration verification and meter health checks
  • FlowPro™ vastly improves low flow measurement accuracy
  • MeterTuning™ cancels noise, improves accuracy
  • Dial-A-Pipe™ allows you to quickly change pipe sizes in the field
  • Dial-A-Fluid™ measures a variety of fluids whenever you choose
  • qMix™ makes/measures custom mixtures
  • Many more apps to come…

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Jimmy Panetta, Prospective Congressman Visits Sierra Instruments

It might seem like Sierra Instruments, a Monterey flow meter company, is an unlikely campaign stop for Jimmy Panetta, who is running for California’s 20th Congressional Seat. However, as one of the largest industrial manufacturers in Monterey and the leading technology exporter in the Central Coast of California, Sierra offers a unique perspective about bringing tech and manufacturing growth to the region.

Last week, Sierra had the honor of hosting a “town hall” style meeting with Jimmy, who is son of Leon Panetta, and a longtime resident of the Central Coast. In fact, CEO of Sierra, Matthew Olin as well as Erica Giannini, Sierra’s Director of Marketing, “grew up” with Jimmy as local Carmel Valley, California kids, so they share that local history as a common bond.

Our team had the chance to ask Mr. Panetta some tough questions about education reform, veteran’s issues, preserving our environment and growing our local tech industry in Monterey. Mr. Panetta also was given a tour to see how Sierra designs and manufactures its flow instrumentation and learn how flow meters  play a key role in the global economy to maximize energy efficiency and protect the environment and natural resources.  Below are a few pictures from his talk.


Jimmy Panetta Speaks to Team Sierra


Jimmy Panetta

Jimmy Panetta Visits Sierra