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Inside Sierra 2012

Inside Sierra 2012 Video Transcript.
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Hello, Glen Coblentz with Sierra Instruments, starting off the second quarter here in 2012, and I want to take a couple minutes of your time to talk about some new things that you are going to be seeing from Sierra.

SmartTrak 140
First off is our new SmartTrak 140 very very unique product this is a combination of 100 series and 840 high flow valve. Again, unique in the industry we actually developed this product with one of our good OEMs that needed an extremely low ΔP mass flow controller and what you can do with the 140 is you can have 30 PSI inlet and 29 PSI outlet and still control up to 250 standard liters per minute… unique in the industry. Now the market for this is a fairly small, a niche market, but when you do find it there is nothing else they can really use. So keep the 140 in mind for the ultra low ΔP applications. The other thing you can use this for as well is corrosive gases. You’ve got that high flow valve that gives you the benefits of the 840 so keep this in mind for corrosive gases at higher flow rates where they might need low ΔP.

620S BoilerTrak Online Sales
The next thing I wanted to talk about and the next thing you are going to see sold off our website. You already know the 100 Series is on there, the 50 Series is on there , 822’s , 810’s the ultra sonic flow meters, but here in the next couple of weeks you are going to start to see the 620S for compressed air and the 620S BoilerTrak for methane and propane gas flow measurement. It is going to be a unique product for the online store because it will be pre-calibrated for lines as 1”, 2”, 3” and 4”. Pre-set flow rates and pre-set temperatures and pre-set pressures for typical applications in the methane/propane world and the compressed air world.

The benefit of it just like the benefit of all the other products we have on our web store is that you are going to be able to get immediate shipment on it. The shipment for the 620S BoilerTrak and 620S is basically going to be same day or next day. So, for those customers you have out there that need things absolutely the next day; we actually can pull that off with 620S BoilerTrak and 620S from our website.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Opportunities
And the third thing that I want to talk about today is the waste water treatment plant business. Many of you are very familiar with that marketplace, some of you not as familiar with that market place, but Sierra has had tremendous amounts of success over the last 10 years marketing our all metal sensors which includes the lifetime warranty on that sensor for 640S and 780S into the waste water treatment market. And many of those facilities have had years and years and years of performance with no drift no re-calibration needed so it has tremendously helped Sierra’s leverage within that entire community.

One of the things you are going see from Sierra over the next 6-12 months is that we are going to push into that market even more aggressively than what we have already done. There are many applications there at a waste water treatment plant. You have aeration. You have digester gas. You have separate natural gas measurement. You have compressed air measurement. We have numerous references on all those different flow rates within a waste water treatment plant. So we at Sierra are going to be doing various things to help you be more successful in the bidding process for new waste water treatment plants and also helping you at existing waste water treatment plants where they have additional flow metering opportunities. So, keep your eyes open for that over the next 6-12 months and Sierra will do what we can to help you be successful in waste water treatment…have a great day selling. Thank you.