Explore Versions

Interactive descriptions, images and videos of unique features and core technologies

Four-Sensor Design Innovation

Advancements to traditional thermal sensor technology for greatly improved accuracy

qTherm Technology

Learn about the revolutionary “brain” inside the instrument as well as Dial-A-Gas, Dial-A-Pipe and the qTherm Gas Library

User Interface

Push-button display & user software manages changes to the meter as well as diagnostics and tuning

Electronics & Inputs/Outputs

Information about options, configuration, output signals and digital communications

Flow Conditioning

Learn about built-in flow-conditioning element

Smart Interface Software

Our Smart Interface Program (SIP), a comprehensive software program, gives you everything you need to read, set up, adjust your meter, make field application adjustments, and validate the instrument’s performance.

Using the SIP, change your gas with Dial-A-Gas, change your pipe size with Dial-A-Pipe, tune your meter with the MeterTune (span adjust) and perform field validation with the ValidCal Diagnostics feature.  The SIP also features a unique multi-gas flow totalizer.