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50 / 100 (Digital MFC's)


Digital Mass Flow Meters & Controllers – SmartTrak 100

Industrial Mass Flow Controller – MaxTrak180

Ultra-Low Pressure Mass Flow Controller - SmartTrak 14

Ultra Low-Flow Controller - MicroTrak 101

Compod™ Programmable Control Module

Economical Mass Flow Controller & Meter- SmartTrak 50

SmartTrak 100-HP High Pressure Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

High-Pressure Accumulator Tank and Burst Test Manifold

Mass Flow Controller Calibration

Gauge for High-Pressure Accumulator Tank Used During Calibration

High-Pressure Calibration adjustments

High-Pressure Calibration Software

Burst-Test Manifold adjustments

Safety Requirements: Ear and eye protection

800 (Analog MFC's)


TopTrak 820

Analog Mass Flow Controller - SideTrak 840

Economical Mass Flow Controller - MassTrak 810

Fast-Response, Ultra-Stable Mass Flow Meter - FastTrak 730

600 / 700 (Thermal)


Multi-Point Thermal Mass Flow Meter - MultiTrak 670S

SteelMass 640S

FlatTrak 780S-UHP


FlatTrak 780S

FastFlo 620S Mass Flow Meter

BoilerTrak 620S BT Mass Flow Meter

ChlorineTrak 760S Thermal Mass Flow Meters

QuadraTherm 640i

640i 780i Family New

QuadraTherm Sensor Image With Labeling

QuadraTherm® 780i Inline Mass Flow Meter.

Flow Totalizer

qMix™ Gas Mixing Feature

Qmix Completed Gas Mixture

Qmix Add Second Target Gas

Qmix Use AGA8 For Accuracy

Qmix Normalize Gas Composition

Qmix Edit Gas Composition

Qmix Callouts

Qmix Add Target Gas

OEM Thermal Mass Flow Probes/Elex

Flow & Level Switches


Precision Flow Switch for Liquids & Gases - InnovaSwitch

Level Switch of Liquid Level Detection - InnovaSwitch

200 (Vortex)


InnovaMass 241S

InnovaMass 240S

InnovaMass 241i

InnovaMass 240i

240i 241i Innovamass Family Press Photo

200 (Ultrasonic)


InnovaSonic 207i Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Digital Liquid Flow Meter - InnovaSonic 203

Clamp-On Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter - InnovaSonic 210

CalTrak (Calibrators)


CalTrak 500

CalTrak 800

CalTrak XL

900 (Control Elex)


FloBox 951/954

Digital Communications


Foundation Fieldbus



Flow Meter Digicom - Modbus RTU

Digicom Flow Protocol - Profibus DP