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Primary Standard Flow Calibration Systems

High Accuracy Gas Flow Validation & Calibration

The CalTrak product line offers end users portable, accurate primary standard flow calibration systems for precise mass flow meter and controller validation and calibration. For the highest accuracy, the CalTrak line provides primary NIST traceability, manufactured under strict ISO 17025 certification, and is CE approved. This highest level of accredited accuracy delivers precision and traceability to your flow, reliability and quality labs or critical industrial hygiene, occupation health, and environmental tools.

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Economical Primary Standard Calibrators-Hygiene, Health & Industrial, Environmental

CalTrak 300

CalTrak® 300 Gas Volume Flow Calibrators
Accuracy of +/-1.0% of reading volumetric flow rate; Portable, economical calibrator for industrial hygiene & health markets; Flow ranges 5 ccm to 30,000 ccm (30 L/min)

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CalTrak 350

CalTrak® 350 Gas Mass Flow Calibrators
Accuracy of +/-1.0% of reading mass flow rate; Portable, economical calibrator for quality control in manufacturing of industrial and environmental equipment; Flow ranges from 5 sccm up to 30 slpm  

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 Modular Primary Standard Calibrators-Cal Labs & General Industry

CalTrak 500 CalTrak® 500 Modular Gas Flow Calibrators
Accuracy of +/-0.35% of reading mass flow; Portable, modular design, 3 interchangeable flow cells, flow ranges from 0.5 sccm to 50 slpm



CalTrak 800

CalTrak® 800 Modular Gas Flow Calibrators
Best accuracy of any commercially available standard: +/-0.15% of reading mass flow; Portable, modular design,
5 interchangeable flow cells, flow ranges from 0.5 sccm to 100 slpm


CalTrak XL CalTrak® XL High-Flow Gas Flow Calibrators Up to 1500 slpm 
Accuracy of +/-0.25% of reading; Flow ranges from 5 to 1500 slpm 


 All-in-One Primary Standard Calibrators-Semicon Gases, Corrosives, Toxics and Inert   

caltrak 850

CalTrak® 850 High-Accuracy Gas Flow Calibrators
Accuracy of +/- 0.15% of reading mass flow plus +/- 0.01 sccm; Portable, all-in-one gas flow calibrator optimized for semiconductor gases such as corrosives and toxics; Flow range 5 sccm up to 50 slpm


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Any flow instrument operator can use CalTrak meters in the manufacture, inspection, validation and recalibration of mass flow controllers, mass flow meters and numerous other varieties of gas flow measurement and control instrumentation.  All CalTrak systems offer data logging, digital communications, interval operation and many other productivity-enhancing features. Fast enough to use as a gas flow meter, CalTrak is automatic and requires minimal training to get started. It is well-suited for applications in the metrology, gas chromatography, electronic  semiconductor, analytical, medical and pharmaceutical fields, among many others.

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