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  File Title Version Release Date
  FlowTrak Technical Datasheet C 07/27/2016


  File Title Version Release Date
  CRN Approval 1.0 11/20/2008
  CRN Approval 0F09333.2 Alberta 1.0 12/21/2010
  CRN Approval 0F09333.21 British Columbia 1.0 12/29/2008
  CRN Approval 0F09333.23 Saskatchewan 1.0 09/09/2009
  RoHS II, REACH, and WEEE Compliance 2.0 09/12/2016
  CRN Approval 0F09333.24 Manitoba 1.0 11/20/2008
  CRN Approval 0F09333.25 Ontario 1.0 12/29/2008
  CRN Approval 0F09333.26 Quebec 1.0 04/09/2009
  ISO 9001 12.27.16 02/08/2017

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  File Title Version Release Date

Full Line Product Offering

V7_7.18 07/18/2018
  Terms and Conditions 1.0 11/01/2010
  Warranty Statement 2.0 04/01/2015
  Service Brochure 2.0 04/06/2015

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