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24 hour access to the latest videos featuring Sierra's products.
See how Sierra’s products are used in a broad range of applications from beer to space travel and beyond. All videos are owned & copyright by Sierra Instruments.   

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Learn the principle of operations of capillary flow technology by following a molecule of gas through the flow measurement in this new video. Watch video now.

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All 100 Series mass flow meters and controllers are available with our innovative and user-friendly Pilot Module, a front-mounted or hand-held control readout device that gives you the ability to Dial-A-Gas® .  Dial-A-Gas results from a patented, inherently linear Laminar Flow Element (LFE) design, advanced platinum sensor technology, and Sierra’s proprietary frictionless-hovering control valve technology.

Watch video now.

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Learn about the unique abilities of the Sierra Model 780S Heavy Industrial Thermal Mass Flow Meter . Watch video now.

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See how Sierra's MicroTrak™ Model 101 can control gas mass flow rate at extremely low flows. Watch video now.

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The secret to a more stable foam revealed. See how Sierra’s MaxTrak® Model 180 is used to improve an ancient process.
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You can say that again. As if maneuvering the NASA space shuttle thousands of miles above Earth’s surface wasn’t challenging enough. Imagine re-entry and the advanced technology that is critical for a successful return. See how Sierra’s FlatTrak™ is used by NASA in a variety of applications. Watch video now.

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For Dr. David Kraus, the linearity and precision of the SmartTrak® Model 100 matters. Imagine being suspended in time—having your metabolism slow, heart rate decrease, and temperature drop.  This is what Dr. Kraus and other scientists are discovering—with small amounts of H2S, we can buy time in suspended animation.
Watch video now.

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