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CalTrak® 500 Modular Gas Flow Calibrator

High-Accuracy Primary Standard for Cal Labs & Industry

Sierra's CalTrak® 500 is a high-accuracy, modular primary standard gas flow calibrator for all inert gases. Fast and portable, the 500 offers standardized accuracy of ±0.35% for customers who have many flow instruments to be validated or calibrated frequently. Primarily used for standard calibration and verification of mass flow meters, controllers, variable area flow meters, and precision in-situ calibration of industrial flow meters and controllers.

The 500 is a true primary standard in every sense of the word. The dimensionally-based primary accuracy of the CalTrak surpasses pressure-based secondary methods and is backed by a rigorous uncertainty analysis. For the most stringent accuracy, the 800 is manufactured to ISO 17025 standards at a NVLAP accredited lab using assets that are directly traceable to NIST.  

For flexible use, the modular 500 has three interchangeable flow cells with a broad turndown ratio to cover the entire range, minimizing initial investments and maintenance costs. This modular design allows users to begin with one flow cell and then add the other cells as resources allow. CalSoft® software captures the flow data from your 500 for easy export into common software packages, a PC or Microsoft environment.

Key Features

  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.35% of reading mass flow
  • Flow Range: 0.5 sccm up to 100 slpm
  • Mass and volumetric flow rate
  • Flexible modular design
  • Field portable-battery operated

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Unique Product Features of The CalTrak 500 Gas Mass Flow Calibrator


  • No Mercury or other hazardous materials
  • Accurate: Gas Mass flow up to 0.35% reading
  • Range:  0.5 sccm to 100 slpm
  • Affordable: Less expensive than most popular secondary standards
  • Convenient: Field portable and battery powered
  • Fast: 1 to 15 sec per flow reading
  • Suitable for most non-corrosive gases
  • Manufactured to ISO 17025 Standards
  • Directly traceable to NIST
  • Generates Calibration Certificate easily
  • CE Approved

Product Related Documents & Downloads


  File Title Version Release Date
  CalTrak 500 Instruction Manual G 04/02/2015


  File Title Version Release Date
  CalTrak 500 and 800 Technical Datasheet C 03/24/2014


  File Title Version Release Date
  CalTrak Command Set: Bi-Directional Communications Protocol 1.0 04/06/2015
  CalTrak Series Product Software v1.0 03/24/2014


  File Title Version Release Date
  CalTrak CE Declaration of Conformity 1.0 01/01/2007
  CRN Approval 1.0 11/20/2008
  CRN Approval 0F09333.2 Alberta 1.0 12/21/2010
  CRN Approval 0F09333.21 British Columbia 1.0 12/29/2008
  CRN Approval 0F09333.23 Saskatchewan 1.0 09/09/2009
  CRN Approval 0F09333.24 Manitoba 1.0 11/20/2008
  CRN Approval 0F09333.25 Ontario 1.0 12/29/2008
  CRN Approval 0F09333.26 Quebec 1.0 04/09/2009
  ISO 9001:2008 1.0 01/22/2013
  ARRA Certificate of Conformity 8/5/14 08/06/2014


  File Title Version Release Date
  Terms and Conditions 1.0 11/01/2010
  Warranty Statement 2.0 04/01/2015
  Service Brochure 2.0 04/06/2015
  Full Line Product Offering V3_10.15 10/04/2015
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