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SmartTrak 100 Series Flow Instruments

Today's Most Advanced Digital Mass Air Flow Sensors, Controllers and Flow Meters

When you need precise, dependable mass flow measurement and control of air or other gases, choose from Sierra’s award-winning 100 Series family of instruments. With our most advanced sensor, valve and laminar flow element technologies, these user-friendly mass flow controllers are redefining a new MFC/MFM performance level. You get control, flexibility and independence with innovative solutions like Dial-A-Gas capability and the Pilot Module interface. In addition, the Compod Control Module™ allows programmable configuration of the instrument for a wide veriety of flow systems and process controls ranging from gas mixing and dilution to leak testing.

We offer the following digital mass flow controllers and communications solutions: Modbus RTU, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus DP.   View all of our digital communications solutions across our many product lines.  

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SmartTrak 100 SmartTrak® 100 Series Premium High-Performance Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
Our feature packed flagship instrument with digital high performance, pilot module display/interface, Dial-A-Gas®Technology & computer control. Accuracy +/- 1.0% of full scale (higher accuracy available). Configure and buy online, many units in stock for off the shelf delivery.  Flow ranges from 0 to 15 sccm (smlm) to 0 to 1000 slpm (nlpm), our most compact footprint, Analog communications including RS-485, CE approved.Digital communications solutions include: Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus RTU, and Profibus DP.

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Please choose the type of instrument you need below. If you do not know, click here.
Please choose the type of instrument you need below. If you do not know, click here.

SmartTrak® 50 Series OEM/Economical Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
Available with off-the-shelf delivery lead-times; Accuracy of +/- 1.0% of full scale, Flow ranges anywhere from from 0-10 sccm (smlm) to 0-200 slpm (nlpm), RS-232 standard with optional 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, RS-485, CE approved.

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Please choose the type of instrument you need below. If you do not know, click here.
Please choose the type of instrument you need below. If you do not know, click here.


SmartTrak 140 SmartTrak® 140 Ultra-Low ΔP Mass Flow Controller
Precision mass flow control with industry leading ΔP of 4.5 psid (310 mBard) up to flows of 500 slpm (nlpm); Accuracy +/- 1.0% of full scale; 316 stainless steel construction; CE Approved. Digital communications solutions include: Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus RTU, and Profibus DP.



Compod™ Programmable Control Module
Add Compod to any 100 Series to get multi-drop RS-485/MODBUS RTU. With MODBUS, multiple instruments can be daisy-chained over a single network.

MicroTrak™ 101  Ultra Low Flow Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
Specifically designed for flow ranges under 4 sccm (smlm) with a minimum controllable mass flow rate of 0.1 sccm (smlm). Also get digital high performance, stainless steel construction with Dial-A-Gas® Technology & computer control. Digital communications solutions include: Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus RTU, and Profibus DP.

MaxTrak® 180 Industrial Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
Industry’s only NEMA 6/IP67 truly industrial MFC; Available as heavy industrial flanged version; Accuracy of +/- 1% of Full Scale and flow ranges from 0 to 10 SLPM to 0 to 1000 SLPM. Digital communications solutions include: Modbus RTU.

Our 100 Series family of mass flow instruments is one of our finest technical achievements in over 35 years in the mass flow instrumentation business. Our 100 Series is designed so the physics are correct! Excellent accuracy and repeatability coupled with unsurpassed instrument stability result from a patented, inherently linear design, advanced platinum sensor technology, and a valve that is strong, flexible and forgiving. Our 100 Series family of instruments has raised the bar and set a higher standard in the Performance MFC marketplace. Here are five reasons why:

1.) Laminar Flow Element (LFE) Technology: Each instrument utilizes our patented, inherently linear, modular LFE design for linear performance beyond all other MFC's. This linearity enables our patented Dial-A-Gas® feature where every instrument can be used on up to 10 different gases at the push of a button, with comparable accuracy.

2.) Pilot Module Interface: Each instrument is available with our user-friendly Pilot Module, a front-mounted or hand-held control readout appliance that makes it simple to “Dial-A-Gas”, change flow rates, modify engineering units or even change the full scale value of your instrument. The design, focused on user-friendly interaction inspired by today's best consumer electronics, makes these instruments powerful tools that are fun to use.

3.) Adaptable & Flexible: Each instrument has been engineered with versatility in mind, so if actual process conditions vary from predictions, your instrument will remain within specifications. If flow conditions or system requirements change significantly, you can easily re-configure the instrument in the field to meet your evolving needs.

4.) Direct-Acting Valve Technology: Each controller has our robust and field-proven direct-acting valve technology to compensate for a wide variety of temperature and pressure variations in the gas stream. You can even adjust response characteristics, including PID values, for multiple applications or system pressure design changes.

5.) Ease-of-Use: Our goal with the 100 Series family of instruments was to make it the simplest and most trouble-free MFC on the market to install & operate. Recognized by both Flow Control and Gases & Technology Magazine as the leading MFC in the industry in 2006, the 100 Series was judged independently by gas flow experts and end-users representing science, academia and general industry. The 100 Series won specifically on ease-of-use, innovation, cost effectiveness, speed/throughput improvements, quality, maintainability, and environmental responsibility.

Digital Technology = High Level of Sensor Performance

SmartTrak & MicroTrak Performance MFC's and MFM's are the world's premier mass flow instrument for precision measurement and control of gas flows. Small in size, but outstanding in performance, SmartTrak & MicroTrak flow meters and controllers are loaded with user-friendly features that are programmable at the push of a button on the pilot module or from your personal computer.

Easy to Use Air and Gas Flow Measurement & Control

Our breakthrough Dial-A-Gas® technology allows a user to choose from a menu of 10 gases commonly used in many of today's top industries or to specify other gases to create a custom instrument for any application. These instruments are the most advanced in the industry today and one of our finest achievements

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