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Sierra was the first to introduce a Multiparameter Vortex Meter to the market in the 1990’s. Sierra's Multivariable product line features an inline version (InnovaMass® 240) and a unique insertion version (InnovaMass® 241).  Both models can measure the mass flow rate of any gas or liquid and are ideally suited for saturated or superheated steam.  The 241 is available in a high-pressure version capable of the mass flow measurement of gases up to 5000 psig (340 barg). For other liquid measurment options, see our Innova-Sonic™ Ultrasonic Meters. For low pressure (<250 psig="" gas="" flow="" measurment="" see="" our="" a="" href="//products/heavyindustry.html" target="_blank" data-mce-href="/products/heavyindustry.html">heavy industrial product line.

We are glad to help you select the right product for your application.  Request a quote and a local expert will contact you to discuss your application.  You may also contact us or use our live help function to get in touch with one of our friendly applications engineers. For information about supported digitial communication protocols, go to our digital communications selection chart.

General Informaton about selection of your InnovaMass®

Insertion versions of the InnovaMass® are available for pipe sizes from 2” to 72” in a variety of process connections. In-line versions are available from ½” to 10” in ANSI flanges or NPT versions.  For more specific sizing information, including minimum and maximum flow rates and  model number selection, please download our InnovaMass® sizing & selection program by following the instructions below.  Sierra can also size the meter for you if you fill out the Request for Quote information above.

Instructions for installing InnovaMass® Sizing and Selection Program:

» Click here to download the InnovaMass® Sizing and Selection Program

1. Unzip the file (Innova-sizer-rev-
(If you don’t have WINZIP you can download a free version from http://www.winzip.com/downwzeval.htm)

2. Right Click and select EXTRACT ALL

3. Follow instructions for extracting files.

4. Once you have extracted the files ( Click on SETUP.EXE File) and follow the installation instructions.

5. Process takes about 10-20 minutes total depending on speed of your computer.


If you have any problems installing the software please feel free to give us a call at USA TOLL FREE 800-866-0200 or (831) 373-0200

Rory Ross

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