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Gas Flow Meters & Controllers

Advanced Gas Flow Rate Meter Sensors and Controller for Popular Applications

Sierra designs and manufactures a wide range of today’s most advanced analog and digital gas flow meters, mass flow meters, controllers and switches across three core technologies: Capillary Thermal, Immersible Thermal and Mass Vortex. Each gas flow meter meets exacting standards and can be customized to meet your flow gas meter application requirements (often free of charge). For easy system automation, we offer a full suite of digital communications solutions for our mass flow meters and controllers. View new Full Line Catalog.

Choose Your Gas Flow Application

  • Natural Gas Measurement & Control

    High accuracy, low pressure drop, 100:1 turndown, no moving parts, direct mass flow reading, robust mass flow control solutions...

  • Mass Flow Measurement & Control

    We manufacture a variety of mass flow technologies for precision measurement of gases, liquids, and steam.

  • Digital Flowmeters & Controllers

    Featuring a wide variety of digital output communications protocols.

  • Compressed Air Measurement & Control

    Compressed air isn't free, so more and more companies carefully monitor its usage. Thermal flow meters are ideal for this...

  • Flare Gas Measurement

    Mass flow meters with high accuracy and gas composition flexibility for gases flared in the field

  • Waste Water Treatment

    We are focussed giving our customer precision measurement or water flow and the many flows associated with waste water treatment and now...

  • Gas Mixing & Blending

    Gas mixing and blending is one of the most common applications for mass flow controllers.

  • Nitrogen Mass Flow Meters

    Sierra specializes in accurate mass flow measurement and/or control of Nitorgen gas. One of the most commonly measured gases,...

  • Argon Mass Flow Meters

    Sierra thermal mass flow meters are specialized for accurate mass flow measurement and/or control of Argon gas across numerous industry applications.

  • Fuel Flow Measurement

    Sierra has a complete line of fuel instrumentation to cover both steady-state gravimetric and transient consumption measurement. ...

  • Ultra Low Pressure Drop MFC

    Precision mass flow control with industry leading pressure drop of 4.5 psid (310 mBard) up to flows of 500 slpm (nlpm); Accuracy...

  • Low Flow Control (Down to 0.1 sccm)

    Low flow measurement and control is a difficult application. Ultra low flow mass flow controllers can accurately control flows...

  • Carbon Dioxide Mass Flow Meters

    Sierra thermal mass flow meters are specialized for accurate mass flow measurement and/or control of CO2 gas across numerous industry applications.

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