Gas Mass Flow Meters, Sensors & Controllers

Find the ideal instrument for your gas flow control and measurement applications.

Sierra designs and manufactures a wide range of today’s most advanced analog and digital flow meters, mass flow meters, gas controllers, switches, calibrators and flow profile conditioners. Each gas flow meter meets exacting standards for gas flow control and measurement and can be customized to meet your gas flow meter application requirements (often free of charge).

Boiler MACT Certified
Thermal mass flow meters are also ideal for compliance for Boiler MACT regulations for inlet fuel measurement for area source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart JJJJJJ) and for major source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart DDDDD). Read the following article to learn more about how our natural gas flow meters can help with Tuning Your Boiler for EPA Boiler MACT Compliance

Looking for a specific gas flow meter type? Contact the flow solution experts at Sierra.


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