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New Video: MFC – How to Set Up, Mount & Leak Test

Apr 26, 2013

Jim Oswald, our technical support guru, has had some great responses from our new videos. He gets call all day about mass flow control installation questions, so we hope these step-by-step videos can help you set up quickly and get to your work at hand. Our last technical support video walked you through the unpacking process for all mass flow controllers, focussing on the 810 MFC. You can view our last  810 Mass Flow Controller on our YouTube Channel. In our latest video, 810 Mass Flow Controllers: How to Set Up, Mount & Leak Test, Jim explains some critical steps and precautions in getting your mass flow controller up and running.

Each 810 Mass Flow Controller features an accuracy of +/- 1.5% of full scale, direct monitoring of mass flow rate and user-selected local or remote set point. To get the most accurate readings from your new MFC, Jim points out some important things to remember:

• When mounting the controller into your plumbing, be mindful of the orientation found on your label. Accurate readings are dependent on correct orientation as calibrated at the factory.

• Stainless steel or plastic tubing is acceptable. In addition, an inline filter is recommended.

• After installing fittings or tubing, a leak check is necessary using a soapy water solution such as Snoop. Apply it to the fittings, ensuring no bubbles are coming out.

• Avoid getting water anywhere else on the controller to protect the internal electronic components.

Now you’re ready to use your new mass flow controller! Check back for more blog posts in our 810 series in the coming weeks, and don’t hesitate to contact Sierra with any questions about using your new 810 Mass Flow Controller.

Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Written By:
Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Sierra Instruments

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