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Digital Communications Protocols

Sierra's full suite of digital communications solutions allows flow meter integration into automation and control systems, providing engineers and systems integrators with a turnkey solution.

Sierra offers comprehensive engineering services to support all available communications protocols for seamless integration. View all digitial communication solutions.

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Profibus DP

Flexible Integration of Mass Flow Meters & Controllers into Automation Systems

  • Flexible systems integration and automation
  • Standardized and application-independent
  • Supports fieldbus solutions for process automation
  • Great for motion control and safety-related tasks
Modbus RTU

Communication Protocol for Flexible Integration of Flow Meters & Controllers

  • Flexible systems integration and automation
  • Establish master-slave/client-server comms
  • Most widely used protocol in manufacturing
  • Transfer discrete/analog I/O
  • Register data between devices

Digital Flow Meter Communications Protocol for Data Access Between Devices

  • Upgrade your older analog plant with digital smart devices
  • Transmit digital information across analog wires
  • Bi-directional between intelligent field instruments
  • Power to integrate, monitor and control

Digital Flow Meter Communication Protocol for Building Automation Networks

  • Integration into building automation networks
  • Key protocol for energy usage management
  • Standardized and application-independent
  • National standard in more than 30 countries
Foundation Fieldbus

Digital Protocol for Process Automation & Improved Plant Performance

  • World's #1 digital protocol for process automation
  • Improve plant performance and results
  • Freedom to choose control systems and devices
  • Power to integrate control systems and devices

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