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Global Leaders in Flow Measurement Solutions

It’s been said that a genius is a person most like himself. That was certainly true of John Olin, who founded Sierra instruments with a passion for developing revolutionary flow measurement technology with accuracy and quality never seen before. In the following decades, he and his team pioneered innovations in the design and manufacturing of flow instruments to cover nearly every gas, liquid, and steam application. As a result, the Sierra brand became one of the undisputed global leaders in flow measurement.

Delivering on The Promise of Operational Excellence.

In 2019 Sierra had the good fortune to join the TASI Group and benefit from their vision of operational excellence, geographic expansion, and innovation. Today as Sierra celebrates 50 years of growth, we continue to provide advanced flow solutions for customers in a wide variety of global industries. That includes oil and gas, wastewater, semiconductor, bioprocessing, scientific research, and clean energy, to name a few. But Sierra’s benchmarks for success will always be product quality, on-time delivery, customer communications, and service performance.

Helping You Meet Your Flow Measurement Challenges

We know how challenging finding the right flow meter or controller can be.  Our 50 years of flow measurement experience guarantees your success. Sierra’s extensive library of applications, industry resources, and intuitive apps will help you find the right flow meter or controller to meet your measurement needs. And as valued partners in our customers’ journey, Sierra’s flow experts are ready to help you thrive. Connect with us at over 150 locations in 50 countries.


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