Software / Firmware Upgrades & Improvements

Sierra's team of software and firmware engineers are continually developing and adding value-added tools and features to our product in the form of upgrades.  It all starts with a customer requirement that we discover may be useful across all of our flow customers.  Although our upgrade library is small now, it will grow in the future.

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Flow Totalizer

Four Multi-Gas Flow Totalizers for the QuadraTherm Thermal Mass Flow Meter

  • View and totalize four gases with one instrument
  • Totalize multiple gases independent of each other
  • Accurately monetize and allocate gas usage
BioTrak 645S/745S BioView Software

Configuration and Data Logging Software

  • Quick access to all configuration parameters with pop-up windows and pull-down menus
  • Selection of measurement units, flow and temperature ranges, and more
  • BioSelect™ menu provides field selectable air, methane, and digester gas
  • BioCal™ Calibration Validation provides quick and easy way to field validate calibration
  • Set alarms; display alarm codes
  • Data logging to an Excel® spreadsheet
qMix Gas Mixing Feature

Field-Update For Gas Composition Changes

  • Powerful, gas mixing software to create custom gas mixtures in the field
  • Per meter license gives unlimited custom gas mixtures and uploads per meter serial number
  • Maintain flow meter accuracy if gas composition changes
  • No need to send unit back to the factory if gas composition changes
  • Avoid costly recalibration
TM100-View Software 

Meter Data and Configuration

  • Get quick access to all configuration parameters with pop-up windows and pull-down menus
  • View raw data to diagnose or troubleshoot your meter
  • Select measurement units, flow and temperature ranges, alarm settings, and more
  • Print or save a TM-Cal™ Calibration Validation Certificate
  • Set alarms and display alarm codes
  • Optional Gas-Mix Menu
  • Use simulation mode to align 4-20mA output with the input to the user’s PLC/DCS

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