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Sierra’s OEM & Custom Solutions group is dedicated to meeting the need for custom products. By utilizing nearly 40 years of  flow meter design experience, Sierra can modify any existing product to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Private Label, or general customer needs. We have an engineering library housing  years of successful custom designs and modifications—this is where we start, because more often than not we have done your special application at least once before! Sierra can also assist you in designing a custom mass flow solution from the ground up!


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Free Engineering

Sierra’s Engineering Task Force is at your service!  When you invest in a Sierra flow meter or mass controller, you get a team of engineers with every product, for the life of the product! We understand that every flow application is unique and some OEM applications need a specially engineered flow meter to optimize performance. That’s where Sierra’s fifteen-person Engineering Task Force comes in. Customize your Sierra product and get any special engineering required absolutely free!

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Ask Sierra's Engineering Task Force about equipment capabilities, installation requirements or how to solve any flow measurement problem.

Custom Solution Examples
Take a look at some examples of the OEM customized flowmeter solutions we provide customers every day.

Modification, Customization & Private Labeling
We are committed to providing a mass flow solution. Our OEM & Custom Solutions group is organized to address three types of common challenges—Modification of an Existing Product, Custom Engineering Projects and Private Labeling.

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