Sierra Product Line Changes 

We're adjusting our product offerings to focus on instruments that continue to provide the best possible flow meter performance for your applications.

Below is a list of Sierra products we will change or discontinue, along with replacement suggestions and support details. Please contact our Technical Support Department, if you have any questions:


Product Changes 

Product Discontinuation Date  Change Replacement
RedySmart PAC 328-2164 Power Analog Cable & PDC 328-2165 Power Digital Cable  January 31, 2023 PAC and PDC Cables combined into new PAD Power Analog/Digital Cable 

The cable can be used for both analog and digital operation of the RedySmart Series.
PAD Power Analog / Digital Cable Guide 

USB-Dongle Quick Install Guide

Discontinued Products 

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
Product Discontinuation Date View Notice Replacement Suggestions
CalTrak 500

April 24, 2024 View Notice CalTrak 800
FastTrak 730
March 1, 2023 View Notice M50L-AL
MicroTrak 101
March 7, 2023 View Notice SmartTrak 100
MaxTrak 180

March 7, 2023 View Notice RedyIndustrial
MassTrak 810
 March 1, 2023 View Notice C50L
SideTrak 830
 March 1, 2023 View Notice M50L-AL
SideTrak 840
March 1, 2023 View Notice C50L-AL
C100- L,M,H
Vortex Mass Flow Meters
InnovaMass 240i
March 2, 2022 View Notice 240S
InnovaMass 241i
March 2, 2022 View Notice 241S
Ultrasonic Flow Meters 
InnovaSonic 207i
 March 1, 2023 View Notice 203

Obtaining Service for your Sierra product after EOL/ Product Discontinuation 

Technical Support 
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