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Flow Meter Calibration and Repair Services

Sierra provides accurate calibration services for mass flow meters and controllers, insertion thermal flow meters, vortex and ultrasonic flow meters. We have a wide range of NIST-traceable primary standard procedure assets including: closed loop gas flow calibration, piston & bell provers, water flow loop, and high-temperature wind tunnel. Fast Turnaround and easy online RMA management system. View our Service Brochure.

All you have to do is ship us the unit. We’ll send you automated status updates and measurements along the way and ship your unit back quickly. 

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NIST-Traceable Primary Standard Laboratories

We pride ourselves on over 40 years of flow meter and controller calibration expertise! Our NIST-traceable assets include closed loop gas flow calibration, piston & bell provers, water flow loop, and high-temperature wind tunnel. Our assets are ISO 9001 quality endorsed, ISO 17025 and NVLAP compliant. Our calibration services include a primary standard 10-point calibration measurement over the entire mass flow range, always adhering to the NIST "rule of four" standard.

We have Flow Centers of Excellence in USA, Holland and China with an additional five Authorized Service Centers located in Korea, Singapore, India, Brazil, and Mexico. We even offer a "DIY" calibration program for easy, accurate, on-site calibration. Read Service Brochure

Personalized Support

Sierra President Matthew Olin explains, "We're a private, family-owned company and our beliefs influence the way we do business, from the top to the bottom. So, providing personalized and customized service is central to our culture. If we make a mistake, we admit it and get it right. We've worked hard to establish credibility with our customers, and it's paramount that we do everything we can to maintain it. The bottom line is that great flowmeter calibration and repair service starts with you and making you happy is what we're all about."  Watch VideoContact Us.

Fast Turnaround on Mass Air Flow Calibration

“Being in this industry for more than 50 years," explains Sierra President Matthew Olin, "we value the fact that our customers need it yesterday. We put a high value on the urgency that's inherent in the flow calibration and repair industry." We offer fast turnaround and expedites to eliminate downtime. Our many global locations help us streamline logistics and route customers to the closest service center in North America, Europe or Asia. We even get wasn't getting done. We quickly step in and get it done! Watch Video.

Easy Online Management System

Quickly submit your RMA online, get automated status updates and view complete meter history. For easy management of your flow meters and controllers, your personalized My Units portal allows you to quickly view flow meters up for calibration, set calibration notices, and view out of cal flow meters and controllers.

Factory-Direct Flow Meters Means Low Overhead

"We maintain a lean, very competitive operation that often runs 24-hours a day if necessary," explains Sierra President Matthew Olin. "This efficiency and productivity means competitive prices.  And because we are the manufacturer, we give you timely responses to questions and draw from over 40 years of flow calibration and manufacturing expertise.  With factory-direct service, our team also has the resources to service your instrument quickly and without the hassle of dealing with a third party, thus maximizing your up-time," explains Olin.

We have an excellent team.

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The measurement accuracy of your flow instruments plays an essential role in determining efficiency, performance and cost-savings. Sierra harnesses over 50 years of expertise in gas, air, or liquid flow calibration to offer you fast service turnaround to maximize your process up-time to assure productivity goals are reached.

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